Introducing Adelaide's only world-class commercial security system.

Did you know massive amounts of the security gear being flogged to the commercial market today was designed and released decades ago?

Unbelievably it’s true. In an industry flooded with unlicensed installers, many businesses are being sold up the river when it comes to both their investment and their safety.

It’s dangerous and it’s unfair. But world-class commercial security systems are available and you could be using them to protect and better your business.

Are you spending too much on alarm monitoring for your business?

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Smarter Security. Better Business.

There’s no two ways about it bad security is bad for business. Just how would you fare if your company was suddenly struck by disaster?

A physical breach. A hold up. An intruder. A flood. An electrical outage. A fire. All these things can affect your bottom dollar. So we know security is a necessity, but how do we prevent it from being a grudge purchase?

It should, and can, be an amazingly innovative tool to help your business grow both in potential and profits. Your commercial security system could even help you start making money we’ll get to that in a moment for now let’s talk personal, physical and insurance safety.

There's No One Better.

Calamity is A Graded by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association) and Five Diamond Certified by the CSAA.

That makes us Australia’s highest-ranking security provider.

All our staff are trained and licensed. Our monitoring centre has been, and is routinely, independently assessed and graded. And our three key services – commercial security system installationcommercial security alarm monitoring and commercial security system maintenance – can be completely integrated to give you the best commercial security system Australia has to offer.

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Are You A Retailer? Our Commercial Security In Adelaide Won't Just Protect Your Stock, It Can Help Push It Out The Door Too!

Maybe you’ve heard of heat mapping before? It’s user-tracking software is a must-have tool in the world of online sales. By recording the way a user interacts with a website, developers can re-strategise and re-design to help optimise their conversion rate. Well now that same technology is available in store.

The very same CCTV cameras installed to secure your business can help grow it too. It’s a security system that gives you data on how customers use your space – what they touch, what they ignore, what they never see. And when you’ve got your report done and dusted, you can better increase traffic flow, identify pricing sore points and deliver valuable feedback to your buying team.

Think it’s time your security system started working for you – not against you?