Personal Safety Devices and Monitoring

Trust that you and your loved ones are safe and protected thanks to Calamity’s personal safety devices and monitoring.

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Safety Solutions

With violent crimes on the rise, there’s no better time to invest in the safety of those you care about. With comprehensive personal safety solutions, Calamity is one of the leading providers of personal security devices and care. We work directly with our customers to assess their needs and concerns and make personalised recommendations as to which products are best for them.

When it comes to personal safety for you and your family, trust Calamity.

Life Safety Monitoring Technology

Life Safety Monitoring is our commitment to ensuring that you, your loved ones, and those that you are responsible for are looked after and safe. It is physically impossible to be in all places at once but with our suite of life safety monitoring services we can be there for you.

Calamity uses cutting edge technology to provide life safety monitoring to you. Using 3G, 4G, cellular networks and transmission devices, we monitor our clients wellbeing from a centralised hub and have a team of experts ready to act quickly in the case of an emergency.

Stay in Control of
Your Safety

We specialise in offering flexible, customised solutions to our customers. This means you have complete control over how you use our technology. We work with our customers to decide the location, frequency and depth of our monitoring systems so you can stay protected while maintaining your privacy.

Our plans are adaptable meaning if you want to change the frequency or setup of your system, you can do so. Our team of security experts is always available to help you find the plan and technology that works best for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Personal Safety Devices

No matter where you live or what your routine is, danger can strike at any time. You can take control of your security by investing in the tools that can protect you if you do face an emergency or dangerous situation. Our protection devices are also a great way to protect those you love when you aren’t physically present.

Personal security devices are a great additional layer of safety to anyone that uses them. They’re ideal for families, seniors, and children who can benefit from the added protection. Our devices can be placed in common areas and entryways to protect from break-ins and robbery or in areas with stairs, slopes or difficult terrain to protect in the event of slips or falls. Wherever you feel the need for additional security, our team can develop a plan to keep you protected.