Office security systems that keep your building safe and secure

Quality office security systems not only deter trespassers, burglars and vandals, but they’re an invaluable tool helping to catch perpetrators before they’re given the opportunity to cause any serious harm to the property or people working there.

Whether you want to add office surveillance cameras to your existing security set-up or you think you could benefit from a complete small office security system, we design customised office security systems that will keep your assets safeguarded.

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Your tenants need to know their business is safe

When you’re leasing office space to businesses, tenants rely on that space to be clean, safe and accessible each day. Just one break-in or act of malicious damage, and their ability to trade will be put at risk.

While installing an office alarm system is a great place to start, office security cameras and other office surveillance systems will enhance the overall security and safety of the premises and make it easier to attract and retain high-calibre, long-term tenants.

By providing a quality security service (as all office building managers should) you’re keeping your assets safeguarded. At Calamity, we have the service you’re looking for.

You need quality, monitored security

At Calamity, we specialise in protecting both office buildings and the people who work in them. 

Thanks to owning one of Australia’s most advanced 24/7 monitoring and control centres, our multi-million dollar security facility is:

  • Recognised as one of the best in the world (with multiple awards won)
  • One of Australia's highest-rated facilities for construction, access, capability and redundancy ASIAL A-Grade Certification (AS2201.2)
  • Police-certified to monitor banks, embassies and critical infrastructure

If you need active monitoring and fast, accurate responses to security alerts and calls, Calamity can provide it in a way that few other companies can.

We offer a wide range of services to suit all types of offices and buildings

Calamity’s experienced security specialists will analyse your potential risks; for both property and people. We’ll then provide a comprehensive recommendation report that you can act upon.

This will cover essential items such as:

  • Camera recording of entryways, building exteriors and common areas
  • Security challenges on all exterior doors (features such as fingerprint scanners, RFID access and pin-coded door locks)
  • Perimeter alarms and movement sensors for interior spaces, doors and hallways
  • Carpark security, including vehicle monitoring
  • After-hours remote video patrols and physical inspections to ensure all accesses are secure and provide a visual deterrent to would-be thieves and identify property damage
  • Security procedures, checklists and record-keeping
  • And much more