Know Your Loved Ones Are Safe 24/7 With A Silent Sentinel Alarm

If you have a family member who is frail or unwell, but you can’t be with them all the time, then let us make sure they’re safe for you with our Life Safety Monitoring service.

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an old woman lying on the floor

Silent Sentinel® is their 24/7 protector

For many families, having a grandparent or frail family member 
living on their own can be a constant worry. There’s always the fear that if they fall and hurt themselves, it might be hours or even days until someone finds them.

With Silent Sentinel® , you can let your worries go. Our smart 
digital monitoring system gives them fall and emergency assistance 
at the click of a button. And if they’re unconscious, their Silent 
Sentinel® pendant calls authorities automatically.

The most advanced monitor on the market

Unlike other providers who sell 1970’s style safety pendants, Silent Sentinel® provides the latest in fall detection and monitoring technology.

Here’s how it works:

  1. When the button is pressed, or it detects a fall, Silent Sentinel® sends an emergency signal to our 24/7 monitoring centre.
  2. Our trained operators call the unit directly and speak with the wearer using the unit’s speakerphone. “Mrs Jennings, this is Calamity calling, are you okay?”
  3. If unconscious or no response is detected, the operator immediately despatches the ambulance service (or the nominated responders).
  4. If they are responding but are in pain, have fallen, or can’t get up/can’t get out of bed, we’ll reassure them that help is on the way and contact either the nominated responders or the ambulance service (or both if necessary).
fall detection device

Even if there is no voice response from the wearer, the failsafe system ensures all details are passed to the nominated responders or the ambulance service.

Who is Silent Sentinel® for?

Our system is excellent for people who are often alone, either at home or at work.

  • Elderly family members or friends
  • People who are frail, chronically unwell or impaired
  • Seniors who are self-sufficient and wish to safely live in their own home for longer
  • Young or single people who are at home by themselves often
  • Workers who don’t have interaction with others during the workday (employee safety)

It’s the best way to keep them safe, all day, every day.