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Silent Sentinel® Life Safety Monitoring

Calamity's Silent Sentinel® range of products is designed to assist people with their personal safety. This includes automatic fall detection systems which help protect seniors and those with medical, health or personal limitations.

If you or your loved ones ever need assistance, Silent Sentinel® is there to help.

Market Leading Technology

Feel Safe Again...

Most people are familiar with the 'button worn around the neck' by seniors since the 1970s. Most of our competitors are still selling this outdated technology to this day. While our system also allows wearers to summon help by pressing a button, Silent Sentinel's advanced system features built-in automatic fall detection. This can call for help 24/7 even if the wearer is unconscious or unable to press a button. That's real peace of mind.

Silent Sentinel can be a lifesaver for people with medical, health or personal limitations where assistance may be required. It is extremely helpful to seniors wishing to remain at home, people young and old with medical conditions and those who live or work alone. People in these situations are at higher-risk and are statistically more likely to require assistance at some stage.

Don't wait until you've had your first accident.

How it Works

When the emergency pendant button is pressed, or (on advanced models) the system automatically detects a fall, an emergency signal is transmitted to Calamity's 24/7 monitoring centre.

Licensed and trained operators have direct links to emergency services. Our operators can communicate directly with the wearer via Silent Sentinel's ultra-powered speakerphone. This allows direct communication even if they are in another room. Operators will establish the situation, for example a fall, chest pain or inability to get out of bed and reassure the wearer before dispatching assistance. This can be friends and loved ones or emergency services. Even if there is no voice response from the wearer, the failsafe system ensures all details are passed to the nominated responders or the ambulance service.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of Silent Sentinel® in comparison to inferior systems.