24/7 Gym Security Systems & Monitoring

Gyms hold lots of valuable equipment (and even more valuable clients). Whether your gym runs fixed hours or 24/7, we’ll keep everything, including your members and your reputation, safe.

When it comes to the security of your gym, there is no one solution that works for all businesses. At Calamity, we offer customized solutions designed to protect your facility – and the people within it at all hours of the day.

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Exercise the Right Level of Safety

With the number of 24/7 training facilities on the rise, many gyms and fitness centres aren’t able to staff their facilities at all hours of the day. If you don’t have gym access control systems with active monitoring, your business, your reputation, and your viability are at risk. 

Give your clients and staff peace of mind knowing that you protect them all hours of the day with a customized security system like Calamity. 

With demand for 24 hour gym security systems and gym entry door systems continually increasing, plenty of sub-standard security companies promote themselves as gym security systems experts. These companies offer solutions that can leave your business and clients at risk. 

When looking for the best protection, always choose a solution that’s customized to your business. 

Why Invest in your
Gym Security System?

Gyms hold lots of valuable equipment (and even more valuable clients). When it comes to your business, security is not a shortcut you want to take. 

While complex security systems may be expensive, the risk of intrusion and theft may be more costly to your business in the long run. With clients visiting your location at all hours of the day, its important to invest in a security system that’s comprehensive and keeps them protected at all times. 

Businesses invest in security systems for their gyms for several reasons, including:

1. Improving their bottom line

While security systems can require a significant upfront investment, they can actively improve the profitability of your business in the long term. Studies show that gyms that offer advanced security measures see higher rates of membership as clients prefer the added safety measures and are willing to pay higher premiums in return.

2. Protecting the value of machines

The machinery in your gym is valuable and can make you a target for break-ins and theft. Thieves often target gyms with limited security that are open all hours. Installing a complex security system can help deter crime and protect your machines and other valuable items from theft.

3. Protecting their clients

The safety of your clients should be your number one priority as a business. This can be difficult in gyms that operate during unstaffed hours. Adding 24/7 security options such as injury monitoring and emergency phone lines can help protect your clients, no matter what time they choose to workout.

4. Making their gyms more inclusive

Offering 24/7 security at your gym can give clients the flexibility to workout on their own schedule. Creating an environment that’s safe and protected even during unstaffed hours can give your clients the freedom to workout when they feel their best and when they feel their safest.  

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We’re Australia’s Most Advanced Security Company

At Calamity, we pride ourselves on our dedication to safety and security. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to help save lives as part of our highly skilled operation. We continue to win awards and appreciation for our work, which is carried out quietly and discreetly behind our clients’ brand.

At Calamity, we own and operate a multi-million dollar security and life-safety monitoring facility that was purpose-designed for us. It has been: 

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If you’re ready to invest in the safety of your clients and security of your facility, contact us to build your plan. We offer a FREE security quote so you can explore our services, regardless of your budget and business needs.

Gym Security Systems FAQs

While a key fob system for entry doors can be a reliable and inexpensive option, they aren’t able to personally identify individual users. For this reason, we generally don’t recommend key fob systems for gyms that are frequented by so many different people each day.

Swipe cards are usually a more suitable entry system option as they use the same affordable RFID technology as key fobs, with the additional advantage of being able to record personalised user access data.

No two gyms are the same, so the most suitable entry system will depend on the individual business and premises.

Pin code entry, barcode reader and swipe card entry systems are usually the most affordable entry system options, however, they do have certain limitations such as a high risk of credential sharing and an inability to personally identify users. Biometric fingerprint scanners or mobile credential access systems offer greater protection, however, they tend to be more expensive.

During a free security review of your gym, we can recommend the best entry system to suit your requirements and budget.