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If your business can’t afford damage, loss or closure
caused by risks to your security, then you need Calamity’s
high-tech monitoring services.

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Businesses today have never faced greater security threats. From IP & Internet intrusions to ram-raids, sophisticated break-ins and workplace violence, it’s an ever-changing world of threats to which you need to adapt and withstand.

That’s why smart businesses get help from Calamity. Our premium yet cost-effective security solutions actively protect the smallest businesses through to large enterprises, and we’re able to help you too.

There are hundreds of security companies, but few have our technical sophistication

Anyone with a security licence can buy a van and claim to offer a
‘top-level’ security service. However under scrutiny, none of them can match our advanced technical capability.

We’ve invested millions of dollars in facilities, people and state-of-the-art technology. This is not a stock photo, it’s a real facility as seen on television, that can offer a premium quality service unmatched by the smoke and mirrors of our competitors.

With an A-Grade (AS2201.2 Certified) ASIAL rating for our multi-award winning monitoring facility you can be assured we’re vigilant and watching, 24/7.

What Facilities, Buildings or People
Do You Need to Protect?

Calamity provides a complete range of proactive security services,
including the protection of:


Whether it’s in the CBD, an industrial area or in regional Australia, your facilities will be safe with us. We can protect:

  • Industrial buildings, including warehouses and storage facilities
  • Data Centres
  • Electricity, gas and water facilities
  • Commercial valuables storage (cash, metals, gemstones, jewellery, artworks, firearms, documents)
  • Production facilities, including mining, petrochemical, foodstuffs, bulk liquids and more


Building protection is one of the most common things our clients ask for. We can provide both active patrols as well as access, alarm, camera and sensor monitoring to keep your building safe.

  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores & shopping centres
  • Government buildings
  • Embassies and Consulates
  • Gyms and Health Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Service Stations and Car Parks and much more


More valuable than any building or facility, your people need safeguarding with the highest of care. We do this through:

  • Active security patrols
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Alarm and Sensor monitoring
  • Lift phone answering services
  • Door and gate access security
  • Individualised security services, including high-wealth family protection

Don’t Risk the Future of Your Business

Every business client comes to Calamity for active security and monitoring because the risks far outweigh the cost of a quality service from us.

We prevent threats to business through services such as:

  • CCTV patrols for a visual verification
  • 24/7 alarm and camera monitoring
  • 24/7 access, power and IP systems monitoring
  • 24/7 sensor monitoring (including temperature sensors)
  • 24/7 lift monitoring and emergency lift phone answering

Plus we also offer expert technology and security consulting for firms needing to install or upgrade their CCTV or intrusion detection equipment.


Keep business in the black with commercial security solutions.

How would a robbery, fraud, flood or fire affect your business? What would a weekend-long electrical outage do to your bottom dollar? How would you feel if an employee, under your care, was injured or harmed?

These are just some of the incidents we can help protect you from by taking a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach to your business and commercial security.

We can provide complete security solutions to banks, retail outlets, service stations, medical practices, warehouses, and more. It’s not just about weighing up what you have that’s worth stealing. Instead, it’s about protecting your resources – your assets. Every organisation has these. Your staff, your customers, your products, your intellectual property and your revenue – all of this will suffer if your business fails to identify and properly manage risk ahead of time.

Are you a small-to-medium business owner? Find out if you’re paying too much for your business alarm monitoring.

Imagine proactive security. Not reactive security.

You turn the key. Enter the building. Head to switch the lights on. But nothing happens. Suddenly, you realise your business has been without power for two days. The fridges have been off all weekend. All stored produce is lost. Wasted.

You resign yourself to the fact there’ll be no trading today.

Instead, you’ll spend the next few hours embroiled in lengthy phone calls with the electrical company and insurer.

It’s a loss that could have been avoided.

Because we take a customised and complete approach to the idea of security, Calamity can help protect your business outside the realm of traditional surveillance solutions.

Flooding, smoke, electrical outages, temperatures and more can all be monitored so immediate action can be taken before you suffer loss.

It’s all about internal and external security solutions.

Low-or-zero light cameras, smoke and temperature control, remote environmental control, noise control and physical security can all be integrated into a 24/7 commercial security solution that helps you focus on running your business rather than worrying about it.

Property security. People Security. Profit security.

Our commercial security solutions are exhaustive. They need to be. We’ve figured out how to comprehensively safeguard businesses from potential risks by taking a bespoke approach to each new client. So whether you’re a medical centre, a retail store, a café, a funeral home, a vet practice, a gym, a school or a government department we’re able to provide you with a security solution protecting you, your staff, your customers and your building physically, while also protecting your profits.

Employees on the move?
Silent Sentinel can keep them safe.

Silent Sentinel provides employee safety and helps you meet workplace health and safety (WHS) obligations, particularly for lone workers.

Silent Sentinel is a sophisticated, easily concealed, piece of equipment worn on the body providing protection, even when staff may have lost the ability to protect themselves.

Sensitive enough to know you've fallen.
Smart enough to get you help.

In addition to making contact with our 24/7 monitoring centre at the touch of a button, Silent Sentinel automatically senses the force of a fall adding greater security for those at risk. Designed with automatic fall detection technology, Silent Sentinel will alert Calamity of an incident, allowing our operators to make contact with the wearer and to call the appropriate emergency services as required.

This new technology makes it even easier for you to protect staff that are on the move or engaged in activity where an accident, injury or assault could happen.


It’s heavy-duty, so it can withstand falls. But it’s also lightweight, so it can be easily worn at all times. An ultra-powered speakerphone and audio capabilities means operators can communicate and assess a situation even if the pendant has been triggered and then left in another room.

Security that's effective. Insurance claims that can't be second-guessed.

Tradesmen and electricians may offer to install a security system despite not being licensed to do so, either individually or as a company.

This means you’re never confident your business is properly protected. It also means, because an ungraded provider has installed your security system, the police can decline requests for assistance and insurers may attempt to reject claims – all because your alarm system didn’t come up to scratch.

Cheap upfront, but what's the hidden costs?

Your commercial alarm system should be programmed to send arm and disarm signals allowing you to prove to an insurer or the police that your alarm system was correctly armed. Unlike alarms offered by competing companies, our IP Monitoring systems can send all of these signals without racking up massive phone bills and other hidden costs. We can also notify you if someone forgets to arm or disarm and even give you smartphone control of your own system. No more driving back to the office when an employee forgets to arm the system, or risking an unprotected stockroom.

Conveniently, for businesses, you can also keep an eye on staff and cleaner comings and going by way of a regular emailed report.

Not all alarm systems are created equal. Many security firms only connect their alarm system monitoring via your phone line. So while the monitoring service seems inexpensive, because you’re logging 10 or 20 phone calls each week the overall costs quickly start to add up.

Worst of all? Your phone line can simply be cut rendering your entire security system useless.

Upgrade to IP Monitoring for FREE.
No phone lines required.

Rather than costly and easily cut phone lines, Calamity suggests IP Monitoring systems. These allow your business’ nexus of alarm and camera systems to communicate with the monitoring centre via your internet connection and mobile network.

Because you’ve got IP monitoring your business can keep its routine monitoring even if phone lines are sabotaged or failed. No call charges needed.

Call us to find out how we’ve saved our commercial clients thousands on their phone bills.

ROSI - How the security-technology mix takes business to the next level.

The highway between security, technology and enterprise is quickly expanding. Calamity can help you achieve a return on security investment when it comes to your security system by integrating these three core parts of any business model.

Modern IP-connected security systems can be coordinated with smartphone apps and online monitoring, so you can control your business environment from anywhere in the world.

We also help businesses combine data gathered from their security system with their business growth and development plans. A Calamity security solution can help business owners track customer behaviour, create site heatmaps, monitor staff compliance, locate staff on the floor and generally help grow your business.

Call today for a cost-saving upgrade to IP Monitoring.
Fully NBN compatible. No phone line needed.


Regular testing. Regular maintenance. Exceptional security.

No commercial security system is worth installing if it’s not going to be properly maintained. A malfunctioning alarm or camera is simply not worth the investment. Unfortunately, many Australian security installers are unlicensed and ungraded. Their failure to initiate regular testing and maintenance means your security system can be rendered useless without you knowing before it’s too late.

So your commercial security system doesn’t become obsolete, Calamity runs routine testing ensuring alarms, cameras, equipment and cables are all functioning at 100%.

A Calamity security maintenance check includes:

  • The testing of the security system control panel’s communication networks, including contact to our monitoring centre, sirens and lights.
  • The evaluation of all detection devices and security technology by a licensed professional.
  • Confirming that your alarm and all equipment are in good working condition.
  • Ensuring devices haven’t been compromised during the period between installation and maintenance check.
  • Testing all batteries, controls, cables, conduits and sensors.
  • The assessment of whether or not equipment upgrades may be necessary or beneficial.

Our fully trained and licensed professionals will assess access controls, alarms, CCTV and more. Because your security system is regularly assessed and tested, both from within your property and from our monitoring location, you can be confident in the efficiency of your investment for the long term.


Security systems designed and installed specifically for your business.

A poorly installed commercial security system is a useless security system. A camera here, an alarm there and you’re done. Right? Unfortunately, too many Australian business owners fork out money to unlicensed installers who take this feeble approach to security. The results are bothersome false alarms, incompetent monitoring and no follow-up maintenance.

Using an unlicensed and untrained security service provider simply loses you money.

Initially, you’ll end up forfeiting the initial purchase and installation costs. While later on, if something does happen, you’ll find yourself struggling to get approval on your insurance claim because your security system didn’t meet the compliance standards of your provider.

So what do security installers get wrong?

In order to meet the Australian Standard AS2201.1, intruder alarm control equipment should be located within the alarmed area, located outside the entry/exit point and operate in dual end-of-line supervision. Unfortunately the Australian security industry is highly unregulated and filled with poorly trained or unlicensed professionals.

An Australian security system survey found:

  • 18% of panels were located outside an alarmed area;
  • 15% were located within the entry/exit point and;
  • 46% of panels were not capable of dual end-of-line supervision.

The poor and unprofessional installation of security systems can also result in burdensome and costly false alarms caused by everyday disturbances like the wind, furnishings or animals.

Commercial security installation with a difference.

Protecting people is always our primary concern. This means ensuring the security system installed at your business is designed to provide defence from intruders, burglaries or hold ups. How do we do this?

  • CCTV cameras with facial identification technology, so perpetrators can be recognised, arrested and charged.
  • 24/7 alarm and footage monitoring, so that all incidents are met with an immediate response.
  • Alarm systems and cameras that are installed with “depth” in mind, so more or your property is monitored.


On top of this, we also saw how security can be used by businesses to help secure their other assets. This could include live video feeds of animals for shelters and vets, temperature control for storerooms and cool rooms or the monitoring of electrical outages and smoke and flood detection. All of these can be connected to our 24/7 alarm monitoring centre, the CASTLE, so that every emergency, no matter how big or small, can be met with the appropriate action. Because you can tend to any emergency at the right time, you could save yourself extensive stock damage or the loss of a day’s trading.

Interested in learning more about our commercial security solutions? Head over to our commercial security page.

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Trusted by high security clients across the nation to install and monitor their CCTV security systems.

Because we’ve been awarded the highest possible grading from the Australian Security Industry Association, and are the only Australian company to be given a Five-Diamond certification from the US-based CSAA, our customers are always confident with the quality of their CCTV installation and monitoring.

Why DIY CCTV installation
is an expensive failure.

Revolutionary advances in facial identification technology have moved CCTV security systems into a whole new era of possibilities. The problem? Cheap DIY CCTV kits still grossly overpopulate homes and businesses. These low-grade cameras, unprofessionally installed and seldom monitored, simply can’t provide you with effective security. Ineffective security means no protection, no guarantee of insurance claim and no return on your security investment.

Police-quality, facial recognition technology. Professionally designed. Professionally installed. Professionally monitored.

The problem with DIY CCTV security cameras, or those installed by untrained tradesmen, is that they will all show a colour picture but when it comes to relying on them after an incident, they simply won’t get you results. Firstly, many experienced intruders know how to discern between a quality CCTV system and a poor one. Their decision to attempt to break-in to your home or business will often come down to how likely their chances are of being detected and getting caught. Because many Australian’s rush for the cheapest and fastest security install they end up with basic equipment.

These cameras operate at less than 10% usable image area when you typically need at least 50% or greater image percentage for useful facial recognition. This means that while your CCTV system will tell you that someone has entered your property (which you likely already knew), it won’t give you a useful quality of facial image that can be used for identification or investigation and prosecution..

So, you end up making yourself a more likely target because criminals know the CCTV evidence against them will be poor or non-existent. You’ll usually know if you’ve been robbed or held-up. However if you and the police are unable to identify an intruder, what exactly was the point of having your CCTV system installed in the first place?

Calamity can provide you with CCTV cameras which function to police, insurance and Australian standards (AS4806) recommended image quality. This includes facial identification technology. Remarkably clear imagery means police are more likely to identify and successfully prosecute an offender and you can see what happened rather than try and guess.

Innovative installation for better evidence, a better lifestyle and a better workplace.

Calamity’s CCTV security solutions can deliver police-resolution imagery for both you to personally view and for our trained operators at Calamity’s A Graded security monitoring facility to keep an eye on. Check in on home or work, online from anywhere in the world.

Change the way you live and work with Calamity CCTV security solutions.

Because our CCTV installers are fully licensed and expertly trained they never simply throw a camera or two here and there like so many other installers. Instead, we can create customised security layouts in 2D and 3D, protecting high-risk security points and creating continuity of footage, giving your security greater depth and capabilities. This way, intruders can be traced as they move about a property so police or patrol services know exactly where they are and can take immediate action. Particularly in conjunction with Calamity’s advanced video monitoring capabilities. But the really exciting aspect of a Calamity CCTV security system is what it can do for you even when there is no emergency.

Since we’re providing you with high-quality images and sophisticated tracking designs, your CCTV system allows you the ability to adopt remote viewing. This means you can check in your security system through your computer or smartphone app, making sure family members are safe, children are arriving home from school, pets are secure and health care providers or employees are monitored. For businesses, the specially-designed CCTV systems can provide you with new and impressive data to grow your business. Retail stores can develop heat mapping; staff can be located easily even in large bureau buildings; vets can keep an eye on animals overnight; hospitals can monitor patients; temperatures can be controlled in rooms and refrigerators; stock can be checked in on… the list goes on and on.

Looking into alarm monitoring for your business? Find out more at our Alarm Monitoring for Business page.

Call us for a FREE security assessment by one of Calamity’s licensed professionals.


A world-class monitoring centre the likes Australia has never seen before.

Imagine you’ve paid good money to have your CCTV cameras installed and have opted to have your security system monitored. You think your home or business is safe. But then the day comes when something happens. Maybe it’s an intruder on your property. Perhaps it’s a break-in at your store. All you know is that you trusted your CCTV security systems would be your first line of defence. Now, imagine discovering your security monitoring firm simply wasn’t providing you with the service you expected. Calls to emergency services were made too late. The CCTV footage is grainy and unuseful. And you’re left with property damage, stolen goods and little evidence to get your perpetrator.

CCTV Monitoring is a growing requirement for the security marketplace. However not all CCTV monitoring systems are the same. Best practices for CCTV monitoring are not common and Calamity is considered a market leader in the CCTV monitoring space.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a scenario Australian home and business owners simply have to imagine. Due to unregulated alarm monitoring services and poorly installed CCTV monitoring and underlying security systems, this is an everyday reality.

Massive delays in response times, poorly captured video, low-quality image resolution and a total inability to identify a perpetrator are all too commonplace. Ultimately, your safety is put in jeopardy. You’ll have no forensic evidence to bring to your defence. And you’ll risk having your insurance claims dismissed. All this because your CCTV monitoring provider didn’t meet the compliance standards of your contract.

Did you know a large number of security monitoring providers sell “CCTV Monitoring” that is little more than a web browser sitting on a laptop? It’s time to look at a professional system and know what you’re getting.

Are you getting value for money when it comes to your business alarm monitoring? Find out now. Read “Better Security for Better Business”.

Don't settle for third-party security monitoring. Get Australia's best monitoring provider working for you.

Why hand over your security to outsourced monitoring companies? They could be anywhere in the world, managing the monitoring of multiple installer’s clients. And because alarms have often been poorly installed, video data incorrectly stored and monitoring screens carelessly watched your security is rendered effectively useless.

Calamity’s painstaking CCTV monitoring service has come about after years of dedication. Our monitoring facility includes an impressive, 7 dual-screen workstations, huge monitors, remote video feeds, weather radar and live local news. This means our operators can diligently assess and act upon any alarm event with speed and precision. Because we can do this, neither you or your neighbours have to deal with bothersome false alarms and you’ll be spared unnecessary call-out fees.

Cheap at first, but what's the hidden costs?

Your CCTV security is ideally connected to an alarm system programmed to send arm and disarm signals allowing you to prove to an insurer or the police that your alarm and CCTV system were properly armed. It can also notify both you and your monitoring firm if someone has forgotten to arm or disarm your alarm. Business owners can conveniently use this feature to also keep an eye on staff and cleaner comings and goings by way of a monthly report or through CCTV vision; either in real time or later on. But not every security system is created equal. Many security firms only connect their alarm system monitoring via your phone line. So, while the monitoring service seems inexpensive, because you’re logging 10 or 20 phone calls each week the overall costs quickly start to add up.

Worst of all, your phone line can simply be cut rendering your entire security system useless.


CCTV maintenance, so your security is always working to keep you safe

Simply no CCTV security system is worth the upfront costs if it’s not well-maintained. All it takes is an alarm to malfunction or a camera lens to become dirty and your whole security system is rendered completely useless. Unfortunately, because many Australian security installers are unlicensed and untrained they’re not aware or capable of running routine maintenance in order to protect your investment. Calamity runs routine testing of your security system to ensure you are always protected. Because regular testing is a part of the Calamity service you can be confident your investment is safeguarded from obsolescence.

Security that works for you, not against you.

National statistics show an annual 220,000 victims of break and enters or burglaries across the country. Because some criminals make a living out of pinpointing a weak target, they make sure to familiarise themselves with the quality of home and business security systems. They’re also not completely in the dark when it comes to the reputation of a security monitoring group. That’s why a CCTV security system installed, maintained and monitored by Calamity will dissuade break-ins and robberies, keeping your property, and the people in it, family safe.

CCTV monitoring trusted by embassies and major retailers now available for your home or business.

Australian home and business owners have been doing tough. An industry inundated with poor regulations and dodgy installers has left many paying to remain vulnerable. Calamity has worked diligently to deliver world-class security to both homes and businesses alike. Because we believe monitoring is the most important part of any purposeful security system, we’ve built Australia’s highest-rated electronic security monitoring facility, the award-winning Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence – aka The CASTLE.

From within the ultra-secure CASTLE our Five-Diamond certified, Grade A monitoring centre provides the monitoring of alarms and CCTV cameras.

Our monitors are under the supervision of Calamity trained professionals 24/7. So choosing to go with Calamity’s monitoring and maintenance services means you’re guaranteeing your security is in the hands of professionals 100% available to assess your footage and alarm signals and then take appropriate action; not being outsourced elsewhere.

Thanks to the CASTLE we’re able to provide an unparalleled security service to our Australian customers. Finally you can get the security system you deserve. And if you enable monitoring and maintenance, you’ll be happy knowing your home and loved ones are safe as houses whether you’re at home or away.

Want to improve your security and save money on your investment?

Frequently Asked Questions


With so many people and assets in their care, businesses require high-performing security camera systems. A commercial-grade security camera system that’s professionally designed, installed and monitored is the only way to ensure you capture high-quality footage of everything that occurs on the premises.

The team at Calamity can recommend and professionally install the most suitable security camera system for your business and monitor the premises round-the-clock.

Every business is different and faces a unique set of security risks, meaning there is no single video surveillance set-up that can adequately protect every type of business.

For a commercial video surveillance system to be effective and reliable, it needs to be designed to meet the individual requirements of the business and premises. At Calamity, our commercial surveillance solutions are customised to your business to ensure comprehensive, unfailing security.