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Calamity makes it our business to protect your business. We install and monitor everything from simple burglar alarms and smoke detectors, to CCTV camera systems and full automation commercial security solutions. We focus on securing and monitoring your assets from every angle by using systems that are designed specifically for your needs. We support a wide variety of brands and offer full service whether you have an existing system and are looking for better service levels, or would like a new system installed.

Cutting Edge Technology

Feel Safe Again...

Most security companies have been installing the same systems for years. An old fashioned approach simply can't keep up with modern technology. Calamity is a specialist in IP systems which can increase security and heavily reduce your telephony expenses. Enterprise customers have access to web reporting tools and customised telephony systems to increase your compliance and eliminate management headaches.

Our super flexible monitoring technology allows us to tailor custom security response protocols and workflows which are as unique as you are. Partnering with Calamity means your business is special and you aren't just a number. We're a big enterprise-class company with a small-business soul.

Wide Industrial Support

Calamity monitors industrial plant such as temperature in cool rooms and server rooms as well as other business critical assets and systems. Our customised services can help keep you in business and avoid disaster.
We design and install CCTV surveillance systems both for on-site viewing as well as remote viewing by our monitoring operators. Our operators can look-in and verify genuine crimes or safety issues and despatch help via our direct links to emergency services in every state. Calamity also installs intercom and electronic access control systems.