World-class government security systems protecting people, property and information

Federal, state, territory and local governments each face a unique range of security threats—our first-rate government security services are carefully developed to provide rigorous protection against those threats while ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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Superior protection for all levels of government

As Australia’s most advanced security company, we’ve worked with all levels of government on both a consultant and service delivery basis and are well equipped to provide first-rate protection for:

Risk mitigation strategies for any environment

The range of risks governments face can vary significantly depending on the type of facility, the people attending that facility, and the nature of the information or resources handled there—our tailored security solutions mitigate those risks by addressing the unique challenges each location presents.

Some of the scenarios we can provide protection for include:

Our future-proofed government security systems can be deployed to a single premises or implemented to function seamlessly across multiple geographically-dispersed locations, while ensuring compatibility and compliance with existing infrastructure, policies, systems and processes.

Government officers discuss working matters while looking at a big screen with satellite surveillance footage

Our comprehensive government security solutions

Based on the individual threats identified during a security audit and risk assessment, some of the protection capabilities we may recommend include:

You can rely on Australia’s most advanced security company

Calamity’s expertise and protection capabilities are unrivalled in the Australian security industry.

Our team of highly-trained security professionals deliver world-class round-the-clock protection for tens of thousands of clients including all levels of government, from our multi-million dollar, award-winning Australian security facility which: