Child Care Security Systems Melbourne

It goes without saying that childcare centres should be one of the safest spaces a child can be in, which is why such facilities need to install and employ the use of police-grade CCTV cameras, 24/7 active surveillance and monitoring, alarm systems, fully-secured locks, and more.

But it’s not enough to settle for ordinary childcare security systems in Melbourne; you should opt for quality security services from reputable providers.

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Assisting Your Legal Duty in Protecting Children

A childcare centre is a sensitive institution that requires superior-grade security; as its director, you have a legal duty to mitigate risk and protect both children and the caregivers. Without a security system in place, your establishment will be exposed to various external and internal risks and threats. The lack of security may also endanger the lives of those within the facility’s premises during fire emergencies and similar disasters.

A childcare centre that fails to equip itself with a professional security system will not only suffer a hit in its reputation, but it may also face possible legal consequences. That’s where Calamity comes in: providing you with a robust commercial security system and monitoring that is ASIAL A-Graded and Five Diamond Certified—which is essentially the best security service not only in Melbourne, but Australia wide.

Custom Child Care Security Systems for Melbourne Facilities

At Calamity, we can develop tailored child care security systems to suit your specific daycare centre needs and budget. Our team conducts a comprehensive security risk assessment to identify your security strengths and weaknesses. Then, using this information, we provide you with a customised security plan.

After installation, we inform you of the necessary procedures and protocols that best match your facility’s needs, including methods to perform identity checks, procedures for emergencies, and appropriate responses to suspicious activity.

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Trust Australia's Most Advanced Security Firm

As Australia’s most modern security provider, we guarantee you unparalleled protection like no other. Besides being ASIAL A-Graded and Five Diamond Certified, we also own the country’s highest-rated electronic security monitoring facility, the award-winning Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence (CASTLE).

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