Protect Your Shop, Staff and Ability to Trade

A break-in at a retail business can easily run up costs of $10,000 or more and this may not be covered by insurance – how much is security actually worth to you?

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Security is Not Just About Stock and Locks

Retail businesses have multiple security risks to worry about – staff safety, stock safety, business continuity and external security.

But if you get broken into, not only could you lose valuable stock to theft, you’ll also have to close for a day or more (costing thousands of dollars in lost revenue and repairs). Even if insurance pays for the loss, there will still be lead-time on replacing stock during which time your customers will buy elsewhere and perhaps not return. Your insurer won’t cover this.

A quality security system and 24/7 monitoring can significantly reduce the chances – find out how.

You Focus on Sales and Growth, and We'll Keep an Eye on Protection

At Calamity, our commercial customers depend on us to keep their operations safely running every day of the year.

The way we work out their requirements is through a FREE Security Review, providing them with detailed recommendations on all aspects of their security needs, including:

  • Camera recording and monitoring of entryways,storage, back of house, building exteriors, customer, point of sale and common areas
  • Auditable access control and exterior door security features, such as fingerprint scanners, RFID swipe-card access and pin-coded door locks.
  • Remote access management. If you terminate staff, we take care of ensuring they’re locked out.
  • 24/7 intrusion monitoring to protect your store from malicious damage hold-up, accidents or break-ins
  • After-hours video patrols to provide a strong visual deterrent
  • Staff Security Procedures, Checklists and Record-Keeping
  • System testing.
  • Camera-based analytics to assist with people counting, retail tracking and business data over and above security.
  • And much more

We’re Australia’s Most Advanced Security Company

Some security companies sell services that aren’t their own (by reselling from a wholesale provider). It might mean an attractive price, but when something goes wrong, you’ve got nothing to fall back on. That is never cheap.

At Calamity, we have our own multi-million dollar security and life-safety monitoring facility that was built by us, just for us.

  • It has been recognised as one of the best in the world (with multiple awards won)
  • It carries one of Australia’s highest ratings for construction, access, capability and redundancy ASIAL A-Grade Certification (AS2201.2)
  • We have a police-certified ability to monitor banks, embassies and critical infrastructure (so you can be assured that we’ll be watching over your centre with great care).