Protect Your Shop and Staff With First-rate Retail Security Systems

Retail-related theft and break-ins can cost your business and put your staff at risk. Depending on the nature of the incident, your insurance premium may leave you without coverage and financially responsible for the incident.

Prevent theft and break-ins by investing in your retail security system. Calamity systems can help you protect your space and inventory from burglars, vandals and trespassers while protecting your staff and business operations.

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Security is Not Just About Stock and Locks

Retail businesses have multiple security risks to worry about–each unique to their location. Finding a solution that’s customized to the needs of your location can help you stay protected from various retail-related threats, including:




Store owners and retail managers often face their own set of unique challenges when it comes to security. One of the primary challenges can include theft during staffed hours, also known as shoplifting. While common, shoplifting can go undetected, especially in larger retail stores with limited staff. Installing 24/7 surveillance devices, RFID inventory tracking, and staff monitoring technology can help you stay in control and reduce the risk of theft.

Violent Theft

While less common than shoplifting, violent theft ‌remains a security control issue for many retail owners. Violent theft can put employees, inventory, and other shoppers at risk, making it a security priority for many business owners. With tools such as entrance monitoring, staff security training and procedures, and 24/7 intrusion monitoring, you can help improve the safety of your location and protect those within it.

After Hours Break-Ins

Protecting retail spaces during unstaffed hours can be a challenge many businesses face. With theft and break-ins commonly occurring after trading hours, it’s challenging to prevent such issues when stores remain empty. Calamity helps businesses protect their stores at all hours with after-hours video patrols, camera recording, and monitoring of premises at all hours. Investing in the right tools to protect your retail space can help deter theft and crime, while protecting your inventory.

Benefits of Investing in Your Retail Security

With not only valuable inventory but the safety and security of your staff at risk, there’s no better time to invest in the security of your retail locations. Enjoy peace of mind and other benefits, including:

Reduced stock loss and pilfering

Regardless of the value of stolen goods, it’s in your best interest to reduce inventory loss. Security systems can help protect you from missing inventory while identifying suspicious activity. Track your inventory more effectively and reduce the chances of theft and loss when you invest in the security of your business.

Improved workplace safety

Keeping your staff members safe is an important part of your business. Investing in your security system can help protect staff members and improve your workplace safety. With advanced staff training and technology systems, your staff will feel safer at work while your store and inventory stay protected.

Clear security footage

In the event that theft or break-ins do occur, filing a claim with your insurance provider can be a nightmare. Insurance companies often require evidence that a crime was committed and without CCTV coverage, you may find your business financially liable for any loss. With extensive CCTV coverage, you can identify suspects with high-definition footage and submit claims with ease while protecting the value of your inventory.

Improved peace of mind

Investing in your security system is investing in your peace of mind. When you know your retail location is safe and protected, you can focus on your own time after hours. We customize our systems to each location and ensure our staff protects your location at all hours of the day, so you can relax knowing you’re in expert hands.

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At Calamity, our commercial customers depend on us to keep their operations running safely every day of the year.

The way we work out their requirements is through a FREE Security Review, providing them with detailed recommendations on all aspects of their security needs, including:

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We’re Australia’s Most Advanced Security Company

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Some security companies sell services that aren’t their own (by reselling from a wholesale provider). It might mean an attractive price, but you don’t get the added benefits of a customized solution with access to a team of security professionals. When something goes wrong, your provider may not be able to help.

At Calamity, we have our own multi-million dollar security and life-safety monitoring facility that was built by us, just for us.

We have a police-certified ability to monitor banks, embassies and critical infrastructure (so you can be assured that we’ll be watching over your centre with great care).