Fearless Safety App for Personal Security

Our Fearless personal security app assists in protecting vulnerable people such as lone Workers or any individual who may be at risk at work or in their day to day travel.

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Fearless can Help you feel, Stay & Be Safe

In danger? A simple shake or tap activates FEARLESS, automatically sending your location and audio/video evidence to our monitoring centre so our team of security professionals can help you quickly.

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How Fearless Works

Calamity provides a complete range of proactive security services, including the protection of:

Switch on calamity FEARLESS APP

on your phone before entering into a potentially dangerous situation.


Tracking is enabled on your phone using GPS, WiFi and telco network location.


This is sent to Calamity Monitoring where 24/7 operators can view your current location, listen to audio and view video. They will contact you to follow your agreed alarm handling and escalation process.

Who Needs Fearless?

For Employees out in the field:

A WHS compliant and cost effective way to provide your duty of care. This powerful and effective solution is fully monitored by Calamity Monitoring, Australia’s highest rated monitoring centre.

Emergency Services

Local Government

Field Engineers

Night Shift Workers

Factory Workers

College Students

Community Healthcare Workers

Servicing and Maintenance Companies

Truck Drivers

Courier Drivers

Utility Workers

Security Guards

Adult Industry Workers/Lone Workers

Family and Domestic Violence

Real Estate and Property Services

Anyone concerned about their personal security

Get Extra Protection When You're
Travelling Or Working Alone


Journey ensures safe and confident travel by providing your emergency contacts with real-time updates of your movements as you move between two places.


Meetings allow you to identify when you are going to a potentially dangerous meeting or working alone. An alert will automatically be created if the timer expires or you do not cancel the meeting.

Man Down

Man Down provides extra protection for users in situations where injury or personal immobilisation is a possibility by flagging sudden deceleration, non-movement, and impact. automatically be created if the timer expires or you do not cancel the meeting.

Soft Alert

Soft Alert allows you to quickly trigger an alert by pressing the volume up key. *Not available on all operating systems.


Heartbeat confirms that the App is working by producing a light recurring vibration in tracking mode and/or after an alert has been activated.

Emergency Contacts

Add individual and groups of contacts that will receive an email and SMS notification when an alert is raised or a journey is created.

Web Alert

When you raise an alert or start a journey your emergency contacts will receive a link to a real-time monitoring page that shows essential information and your current location.


Your profile allows you to update personal information, view your alert/journey history, and change your password. Your profile is accessible via the App and website.

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FEARLESS Is Being Used By:

Children & Teens

FEARLESS keeps your entire family safe.

Stalking & Domestic Violence Victims


FEARLESS provides extra protection for athletes on the go.


Your contacts are notified immediately by SMS and email, so you can get help from FEARLESS and members of your community within seconds.