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The fitness industry is no stranger to injuries and accidents. That’s why enhancing your gym’s security to include active monitoring is vital— to ensure prompt response in case such emergencies happen.

From training injuries to break-ins and other security threats, your clients and staff rely on you to keep them safe and looked after. Reinforce safety with Calamity, which offers one of the best gym security systems in Melbourne.

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Protect Your Gym with 24/7 Active Monitoring

Here is what many people fail to realise when it comes to security systems: alarms are not effective without active monitoring. Burglars no longer run as soon as alarms go off since many already know how to deactivate them, especially cheap and poorly installed ones.

You will want a professional security monitoring team keeping track of your alarms in real-time.

Protect your fitness facility better with Calamity’s state-of-the-art security and 24/7 active monitoring centre. Our secure facility is independently rated as one of the best in the country, with an ASIAL A-Grade rating and a CSAA Five Diamond Certification.

Look After Your Staff & Clients with Life Safety

Valuable equipment, assets and facilities are not the only things our security service can help protect— it also includes the safety and wellness of your gym members and employees.

Part of Calamity’s security solutions for gyms and fitness centres in Melbourne is our Life Safety Monitoring technology. Using cutting-edge technology, we can monitor your staff and customers’ well-being from a centralised hub and have a team ready to respond should an emergency arise.

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Why Calamity for Gym Security Systems in Melbourne?

Many security firms have taken advantage of the rise of 24/7 fitness centres to promote themselves as true security experts, even though most of them are subcontractors at best.

Calamity has been and continues to be awarded for our quality security solutions and services. Not only have we improved the security for hundreds of gyms across the country, but it is also no exaggeration to say that we have saved lives through our work.

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