About Us

Calamity is proud to be Australia’s most modern personal and commerical security company. Our award-winning services noteably combine the latest in comprehensive security technology with our tried and true physical secuirty practices to create our leading advanced security systems. Our Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence is the highest-rated electronic security monitoring facility in Australia and we are known country-wide for our cutting edge advancements in the field of security.

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Cutting-Edge Security You Can Count On

At Calamity, “security”, “quality” and “customer service” are at the core of our business operations. They are fundamentally the reason we do business.

When you choose Calamity, you’re getting access to customised security solutions. When it comes to the safety and protection of what matters most, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We work directly with our customers to identify concerns, develop solutions and implement systems that are unique to the layout of their home, business or wherever they need protection. 

We can design and install new security systems as well as provide alarm monitoring and verification for your convenience. We can also connect most existing security systems to our alarm monitoring facility to provide a better quality of service. Calamity provides the highest levels of security for private homes and businesses all the way up to major corporate, banking and government customers. In an industry dominated by under-performance, Calamity helps our customers feel safe again by combining ultra-modern technology with old-fashioned customer service.

Backed By The Experts

Calamity is proud to be leaders in the industry of security and protection. Our security monitoring service is guaranteed and alarm monitoring is formally recognised by police and insurers as best practice. Calamity is also proud to be a major employer of people with disabilities.

We have some of Australia’s brightest security minds and can deliver best-of-breed security implementation, design, consulting and security management related services. All underpinned by our world class 24/7 security operations centre and monitoring capability.

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Calamity can help businesses and individuals manage risk, and improve lifestyle and business at the same time. For more information on any of our comprehensive solutions, or to find out which of our services are best suited for your security needs, contact us today. A dedicated member of our team can walk you through each of our solutions to find out which works best for you.