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A high-grade security system like Calamity’s is not only an excellent deterrent against burglars, trespassers, and vandals, but it is also a way to ensure your tenants’ safety in case of accidents and disasters. A comprehensive security plan that addresses your security weaknesses ensures that you get to prevent these scenarios from happening, or at the very least, escalate them quickly.

Protect your assets from external and internal security threats with our quality office security systems for Sydney landlords and businesses.

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We Provide Tailored Security Services for All Your Needs

The best way to keep your building and people protected is by customised surveillance and monitoring arrangements that fit your exact needs.

Our specialists will analyse the potential security risks your office building may have and provide an exhaustive recommendation report for your consideration. We may suggest solutions such as:

Superior, Active Monitoring to Keep Your Business Safe

Calamity’s 24/7 active monitoring is made possible by our high-tech IP Monitoring system and an award-winning monitoring centre, which has an ASIAL A-Grade Certification. This rating means that our security facility has the professional capability to monitor high net worth establishments such as banks, embassies and critical infrastructure. You can have this expert level of security as well for your office building.

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You Need A Graded Office Security Systems in Sydney

Your tenants rely on you to not only give them clean and accessible office spaces, but also high-quality security with reliable surveillance and around the clock monitoring. Let Calamity’s experienced security specialists design a security plan for you that ensures total protection for everyone’s peace of mind.

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