Defend critical infrastructure with our utility security solutions

Utility service providers play a crucial role delivering essential services to Australian households and businesses. If your critical infrastructure was to become inoperative, it could have insurmountable effects on the end-users that rely on your services every day.

At Calamity, our unique security capabilities can help you protect critical infrastructure and safeguard your ability to deliver services safely and reliably to the Australian public.

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World-class infrastructure security

From malicious acts by vandals, to human error, natural occurrences, cyber-attacks from criminal gangs, or even sabotage, espionage or coercion from foreign governments, critical utility infrastructure is continually under threat.

Our utility security solutions reduce the threat level, protecting your critical assets and safeguarding your ability to operate.

Our utility security solutions:

  • are developed in compliance with the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018
  • can be integrated with your existing infrastructure or replace legacy systems entirely
  • can be deployed to a single location or across your entire network
  • can be delivered on either a consultant or service delivery basis.

As Australia’s most advanced security company with ASIAL A-Grade Certification (AS2201.2), we are already protecting critical infrastructure and assets in a range of high-risk environments including banks, embassies, major corporations and all levels of government.

Comprehensive utility security solutions

Our solutions are built to specification and can include features such as:

  • video surveillance monitoring – high-definition visibility of the entire site backed by 24/7 live monitoring from our award-winning, multi-million-dollar monitoring facility in Sydney
  • immediate incident response – quickly initiate evacuation or lock-down procedures in an emergency event with real-time response support in line with pre-designated instructions
  • perimeter protection and intrusion detection – prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access to restricted sites
  • access control systems – ensure only authorised persons can access areas housing critical infrastructure, hazardous materials or sensitive information
  • visitor access systems – quickly grant and revoke access to contractors and visitors as required
  • virtual patrols – conduct regular remote surveillance camera patrols of the premises
  • cybersecurity – safeguard IT infrastructure and protect sensitive information
  • power supply monitoring – rapidly identify power malfunction for critical systems and equipment
  • personal security – provide protection for employees, technicians and field workers no matter what location they’re working from
  • audit reporting – comprehensive audit trails for both regulatory and internal audits
  • business continuity support – minimise the impact a service disruption or other incident has on your ability to operate
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Protection from Australia’s highest-rated security monitoring provider

Calamity’s protection capabilities are unmatched in the Australian security landscape.

Internationally recognised as one of the best in the world, our purpose-built CASTLE monitoring facility located in Sydney holds one of the highest ratings for construction, access, capability and redundancy, and is staffed round-the-clock by a team of highly-trained security professionals who provide comprehensive real-time monitoring protection.

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