Complete warehouse security systems to protect your assets

Whether it’s a warehouse space you lease or own, quality warehouse security systems can protect the building and what’s inside. 

What would you do if you were to have a break-in and lose a significant amount of stock or equipment? For most businesses, a warehouse break-in can have a devastating impact on the supply chain and the ability of a business to replenish their stock and continue to trade. 

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Warehouses are prime targets for thieves

Unlike a retail store or office in the busy city CBD, warehouse spaces are often found in industrial or out-of-the-way locations that can cater to trucks and loud noise. After 5pm they become ghost towns.

With valuable holdings inside, warehouses are a highly attractive target for thieves and vandals as there generally won’t be anyone around to see it happen and heavy vehicles and power tools making loud noises wouldn’t attract attention.

With so much at stake, it’s amazing how many business owners opt for sub-standard warehouse security systems which are easy for intruders to get around. 

Rather than taking the risk of losing everything you’ve worked so hard for, safeguard it with a complete security solution with superior deterrence and detection technology.

That’s where Calamity can help – with 24/7 video monitoring, onsite and virtual patrols and sensor monitoring, we’ll keep a close watch, whether you’re there or not.

Ensure your facility can operate, every day of the year

If your warehouse suffers a break-in, theft of machinery and assets, or malicious damage, you might lose hours or even days’ worth of trading that directly impacts your bottom line.

At Calamity, we know warehouse security (as we protect hundreds of them each day). As part of a FREE Security Review, we’ll give you recommendations that can keep your warehouse protected, including:

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Get Australia’s most advanced security protection

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Unlike most security companies, Calamity owns and operates a custom-built, multi-million dollar monitoring facility. This enables us to provide quality, 24/7 protection of your valuable warehouse sites.