Petrol Station Security Systems That Keep the Premises Safe, 24/7

Petrol stations provide their customers with service they can rely on, and this includes 24/7 access. With service at all hours of the day and night, service stations are a prime target for fuel thieves and armed hold-ups. Protect your petrol station and most importantly, your staff and customers by investing in a comprehensive security system.

At Calamity, we work alongside our customers to provide customised security solutions for their petrol stations. With around-the-clock active monitoring, our petrol station security systems provide an unparalleled level of security and to minimise the threat of theft and robbery.

Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive security systems in place. Trust Calamity to protect your station, staff, and your customers, no matter what hour of the day.

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Get Active Monitoring that Keeps Your Team Safe

Petrol stations have long been a target for fuel theft and  armed hold-ups,  And the frequency of these events is only increasing. Quality petrol station security systems are your greatest weapon in deterring criminal behaviour, and monitoring malicious activities.

There are several security companies to beware of who are not ASIAL graded and are no longer authorised to despatch Police. Investing in the right security system can protect you and give you the tools to manage criminal activity.

At Calamity, we have police and insurer approvals for hold-up monitoring and despatch. Our systems are designed specifically for your petrol station, so you’ll know you’ve got maximum protection.

If your security company isn’t being responsive, or if you feel like they aren’t actively keeping you safeguarded, talk with us today.

Get the Right Level of Security for Your Service Station

At Calamity, we specialise in protecting people, buildings and valuable facilities.

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Unfortunately, many security companies offer services that are subcontracted out to wholesale security businesses, while claiming to offer it all themselves. If something goes wrong, you might not be protected.

At Calamity, we own a multi-million dollar control and monitoring facility, purpose-built for our service. It’s not a stock photo like our competitors. It’s real.