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Service stations are a prime target for fuel thieves and armed hold-up – let us watch over yours for you day and night

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Petrol stations have long been a target for fuel theft (drive off without paying) and armed hold-ups.

As banks have become increasingly hard-targets for criminals, service stations are increasingly exposed to the risk of theft.

Beware of many security companies who are not ASIAL graded and are no longer authorised to despatch Police. Calamity has all police and insurer approvals for hold-up monitoring and despatch. Avoid insurance denials or workplace claims. Use a properly qualified monitoring provider.

If your security company isn’t being responsive or you feel like they aren’t actively keeping you safeguarded, talk with us today.

Get the Right Level of Security for Your Service Station

At Calamity, we specialise in protecting people, buildings and valuable facilities.

As part of a FREE Security Review, we’ll give you recommendations on all aspects of your security, including:

  • Camera recording of the driveways, fuel bowsers, driveways, shops, carwash and common areas
  • Automatic number plate recognition for police investigation as well as warning of blacklisted customers.
  • Exterior door security (fingerprint scanners, RFID access and pin-coded door locks) for staff safety and monitoring
  • 24/7 intrusion monitoring to protect your facilities from malicious damage or break-ins as well as hold-up
  • After-hours CCTV patrols to provide a strong visual deterrent and maintain workplace safety for staff and lone workers.
  • Security Procedures, Checklists and Record-Keeping And much more
  • And much more

We’re Australia’s Most Advanced Security Company

Unfortunately, many security companies offer services that are actually provided by wholesale security businesses (while claiming to offer it all themselves). If something goes wrong, you might not be protected.

At Calamity, we own a multi-million dollar control and monitoring facility, purpose-built for our service. It’s not a stock photo like our competitors. It’s real.

  • It has been recognised as one of the best in the world (with multiple awards won)
  • It carries one of Australia’s highest ratings for construction, access, capability and redundancy ASIAL A-Grade Certification (AS2201.2)
  • We have a police-certified ability to monitor banks, embassies and critical infrastructure (so you can be assured that we’ll be watching over your centre with great care).