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VDO is one of the best methods of verifying alarms – our surveillance experts can ‘look in’ and see what’s happening at your location, initiating (or escalating) a response accordingly.

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Is anyone actually watching your cameras?

Calamity’s VDO® platform is a modern CCTV driven approach to security management and provides:

  • Remote 24/7 video incident verification
  • CCTV health checking and CCTV uptime alerts
  • Reliable Virtual guard tours and Video patrols
  • Bespoke surveillance services for tricky situations.

VDO improves your security at a fraction of the cost of on-site manpower security and traditional alarm response services.

VDO® Versatility - Compatible with all Leading CCTV Camera Systems

VDO® has unbeatable integration with over 200 different camera and recorder models meaning you don’t need to upgrade existing cameras or recorders just to have them monitored. You can protect your investment in existing camera, NVR and CCTV installations and gain the tactical advantage of remote IP monitoring.

VDO has already helped hundreds of 24hr gyms, manufacturing plants, retailers, warehouses and international brands manage their risk in a cost effective manner.

As well as live streaming during an incident we can even view prerecorded footage as well giving full situational awareness for our clients.

Even if your installed system doesn’t already have native compatibility with VDO (refer the huge list of supported cameras and NVRs below) we can usually still connect via generic streaming formats such as ONVIF or RTSP with full audibility at our end. Our advanced technology makes it simple.

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VDO® Verify - Video Incident Verification and Response

Police services in each state have issued a national policy for police response to alarm activations. Be aware that Police will refuse to attend certain alarm types or deal with ineligible security companies.

Calamity is an Approved Monitoring Provider and we are authorised to despatch police to qualifying alarm activations.

VDO is one of the best methods of verifying alarms – our surveillance experts can ‘look in’ and see what’s happening at your location, initiating (or escalating) a response accordingly.

While our competitors use a laptop and a web browser to view cameras, Calamity’s VDO® is a fully auditable, court tested automation platform which reduces errors and avoids questions of ‘who saw what?’ after an incident. It is backed by Calamity’s award-winning 24/7 monitoring facility regarded as the finest privately owned response centre in the country. There is really nothing else like it.

Talk to us to ensure you can achieve urgent police responses to incidents and meet your WHS and safety requirements.

VDO® Vitals - CCTV Health Checking

No more going to retrieve camera footage and finding out the hard way that your system wasn’t recording or the camera was dirty.

VDO allows for automated health checking of all your cameras and network recorders without the headache of manual checking by your staff or no checking at all. VDO can detect camera disconnection, hard drive failures, network outages and other early warning indicators of system failure. This allows you to proactively maintain your critical systems and protect yourself. You can also avoid the risk of insurance claims being denied because your system was inoperative. A $250,000 camera system is not worth a dollar if the lens is dirty or the recorder fails. Now you can protect your investment and sleep at night.

This is also a great value-add for strata managers and building owners responsible for common property.

VDO® Voyeur - Virtual Patrols and Site Inspections

We can perform video patrols and check-in on your premises for a fraction of the cost of an old-fashioned patrol service that often does little more than rattle the gates at great expense. If they even turn up.

In 2018, yet another major security company was busted by the ACCC for not turning up to thousands of paid patrols. Why take chances? VDO is fully audited and backed by the reliability of Calamity’s world class data centre and response facility.

Our video team can view whichever cameras you designate, whether they’re outdoors, indoors or inaccessible to a security guard on foot or in a vehicle. We’ve installed solar powered CCTV cameras hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town and VDO can check them nightly over the 4G network. Can your night watchman do that?

It’s time to bring your security management into the 21st Century. VDO® is the market leader in video verification, video health checking and patrol. Talk to one of our risk consultants about how we can help improve your security and achieve a better return on security investment.

Calamity can also design and install security camera systems that will improve your bottom line.

2018 Australian CCTV Compatibility List
  • 2N
  • 360 Vision
  • 3VR
  • 3xLogic
  • Abus
  • ACTi
  • Adpro
  • Agent Vi
  • Agilence
  • Aimetis
  • Aiphone
  • Alien
  • Arteco
  • Avermedia
  • Avigilon
  • Axis
  • Barix
  • Big Brother
  • Bosch
  • BRS Labs
  • Camera Manager
  • CamTrace
  • Cathexis
  • Ccure
  • Check Video
  • Cobra Elite
  • COP
  • CTRing
  • Cubitech
  • Dahua
  • Davantis
  • Dedicated Micros
  • Device
  • Digimerge
  • Digital Acoustics
  • Digital Watchdog
  • DLink
  • DM
  • Dowshu
  • Dvtel
  • EagleEye
  • Emza ECU
  • Eurotech
  • Evo
  • Exacq
  • Exacqvision
  • EyeLynx
  • FLIR
  • Fujinon
  • Ganz
  • Genetec Security Center
  • Genie CCTV
  • GeoVision
  • Geutebruck
  • Heitel
  • Hikvision
  • Honeywell
  • i3 International
  • IC Realtime
  • IDIS
  • Indigo Vision
  • Innotech
  • Intellex
  • Ipsotek
  • J2KVideo
  • Lenel
  • Lilin
  • Luxriot
  • Luxrite
  • Mace Native
  • March DVR
  • March Networks
  • Milestone
  • MiraSys
  • Mobideos
  • Mobotix
  • Morphean
  • Netgear
  • Nuuo
  • Observint
  • Onvif
  • Open Eye
  • Pacom
  • Panasonic
  • Paxton
  • Pelco
  • PlateSmart
  • Quatro
  • Remguard
  • RTSP
  • Salient
  • Samsung
  • SeeTec
  • SightLogix
  • SmartVue CloudVue
  • Sony
  • Speco
  • Struxureware (CC)
  • TeleEye
  • TelePrecision
  • Toshiba
  • TruVision
  • UDP
  • Umbo
  • UniView
  • Verint
  • Verint Nextiva
  • Videcon
  • Video Insight
  • VideoEdge
  • Videofied
  • VIP Vision
  • Vista Quantum
  • Vista Quantum
  • VisualInt
  • Vivotek
  • Wavestore
  • …And too many others to list.