Be Fearless

Calamity’s A Graded Security Protection provides
 peace of mind for both people and property.

We Protect People
Where They Work and
Where They Live

Calamity provides a complete range of carefully 
managed security services, including:

Your Security is
Our #1 priority

In a changing world as new threats constantly occur, it’s essential to stay protected. Yet it’s difficult to keep watch over your property and safeguard your people 24/7.

That’s where Calamity can help. As one of Australia’s most highly rated security companies with an A Graded ASIAL certification, we’ve got the proactive security capability you’re looking for.

Advanced Technology
You Can Count-On

Any security company can claim to have the latest monitoring technology, but when something goes wrong, you’re the only one who loses out.

At Calamity, our multi-million dollar control security and monitoring facility is award-winning: it’s recognised as one of the best in the world and carries one of Australia’s highest ratings for construction, access, capability and redundancy (AS2201.2).

Paired with an equally significant investment in monitoring technology, you can be assured that we’ll provide an enterprise- grade security service to you-you can get the same level of security available to banks and government, day and night).

We Even Offer Specialist Monitoring Services Too

If your concerns are more than just security-based, we can help you. Our 24/7 monitoring centre teams monitor and provide updates and alerts on numerous services include: