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Calamity is Australia's highest-rated security monitoring provider. We design, install and monitor security systems for homes, businesses and major corporates Australia-wide. Calamity's highly secure alarm, CCTV and life-safety monitoring centre holds an A grading by ASIAL - the highest possible physical security rating. Calamity was also the first Australian monitoring centre to ever be awarded Five Diamond certification by the CSAA. Our modern technology and relentless customer service has made us one of the fastest growing security companies in the country. We can assist with alarms, CCTV cameras and monitoring of new or existing systems.


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Latest Articles

Child Care

Child Care Security

When parents leave their children in your care, they expect a level of security above and beyond that of any other commercial enterprise. In fact, with children being the most precious and important (yet vulnerable) 'investment' to society, the systems protecting our children should really be more robust and secure...

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Fall Detection

Automatic Fall Detection for Better Safety at Home

Calamity is proud to be featured in The Australian Jewish News health section this month. Their article "With the touch of a button," is a clear and concise explanation of our Silent Sentinel, Personal Emergency Response Systems, and how it allows for people to remain safe and comfortable in their homes,...

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Perth Security

In The Media

Criminals Say Having No Alarm System Makes Your Home More Attractive A recent survey of burglars in Perth's main gaol has revealed criminals specifically target vulnerable homes. The men, currently held in the Perth Watch House, told researchers from the Australian Institute of Criminology that 'they looked for properties without...

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Why Use a Certified Monitoring Centre?

"Even if you don't use Calamity it is important that you only use an AS2201.2 Certified monitoring centre. Insurers can deny claims if a non Standards-compliant system (including monitoring) is in use. Police can also refuse to accept calls from non-certified monitoring centres. Trusting your personal, family and financial security to an ungraded monitoring provider is simply not an option. The complete list of ASIAL Certified monitoring centres is available online."

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Calamity Cares

Calamity is a major employer of people with disabilities and it was the 2013 winner of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) Diversity Awards. By Choosing Calamity you are directly contributing to employment opportunities for disadvantaged Australians. When you choose Calamity, not only will you feel safe, you'll feel good.

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