Child Care Security Systems & Day Care Monitoring

Parents (and their little ones) depend on your centre to be safe, open and available every day – so protect it from security risk and threats to your operation with us.

With such precious lives in your protection, there’s simply no room to compromise on security and video surveillance in child care. Daycare security cameras and CCTV in childcare are now commonplace in the industry, along with a range of other valuable security measures.

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We’ll Safeguard Your Most Precious Assets

Childcare centres are meant to be happy, ‘safe places’ for young children – somewhere parents can be assured their child will be protected and safe at all times.

As a centre director, you have a legal duty of care to ensure that you’ve mitigated risk, including by making security a key part of your operating standards. We have helped hundreds of childcare and educational facilities. If you feel that security in your facility might be lacking or think you could benefit from some improvements, then talk with us today.

At Calamity, we can develop customised child care security systems tailored to your specific daycare centre, so you can rest easy knowing everyone and everything in your care is safe and secure.

Get the Right Level of Security for Your Childcare Centre

At Calamity, we specialise in protecting both property and people. We know that while buildings and playgrounds can be easily replaced, people and reputations can’t.

As part of a FREE Security Review, we’ll give you recommendations on all aspects of your childcare security, including:

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At Calamity, we own and operate a multi-million dollar monitoring facility. We are not like most security companies that buy their security capabilities from other wholesale businesses.