First-rate Bank Security Systems to Protect Against Heist & Robbery

Banks are one of the highest risk targets in society for armed criminals – we’ll help you reduce the threat level.

At Calamity, our highly-sophisticated bank security systems are specially designed to protect both high-value properties, and people. We maintain ongoing relationships with security management of several retail banks who come to us for trusted advice on their own security monitoring operations.

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People are the Most Valuable Asset in Your Care

When it comes to risk, banks face the potential for armed threat every day. Criminals want nothing more than access to large sums of cash and valuables and are willing to risk everything to get it.

As a bank, you’ve been entrusted to protect things of monetary nature – but no price can be put on the safety of your people and the customers you serve.

If your security organisation isn’t meeting your high standards of response, resourcefulness and reliability, then talk with us today.

Banks Need the Highest Level of Monitored Security Available

Bank security systems need to be a cut above the rest.

Operating one of Australia’s most advanced 24/7 monitoring and control centres, our multi-million dollar security facility has:

  • Been recognised as one of the best in the world (with multiple awards won)
  • One of Australia’s highest ratings for construction, access, capability and redundancy ASIAL A-Grade Certification (AS2201.2)
  • A police-certified capacity to monitor banks, embassies and critical infrastructure

If you need monitoring and instant response to security alerts and calls, Calamity can provide an honest, highly-skilled service in a way few other Australian providers can.

Tailored Bank Security Systems to Suit Every Requirement

Calamity’s experienced team of security specialists and world-class subject matter experts can conduct an analysis of your potential risks, including property and people (both internal and external threats), and provide a comprehensive recommendation report.

This will cover essential items such as:

  • Evidentiary level CCTV installation and recording of entryways, building exteriors, trading and common areas
  • Security challenges on all exterior doors, considering options including fingerprint scanners, RFID access and pin-coded door locks for both convenience and security
  • Resilient alarms and movement sensors, with a focus on false alarm reduction
  • Hold-up and armed offender protection
  • After-hours CCTV patrols and physical inspections to avoid ‘morning after’ surprises
  • Security procedures, checklists and record-keeping
  • And much more - all with 24/7 active monitoring tailored to your requirements.
“There are only two really great monitoring centres for financial institutions. Ours and Calamity’s” – Head of Security for major Australian retail bank.