Protect Your Business and Supply Chain with Unfailing Temperature Monitoring

Temperature fluctuations can have a devastating impact on your business or supply chain if not detected immediately.

Our proven temperature monitoring systems ensure you’ll be immediately notified when temperatures fluctuate outside an acceptable range so you or a contractor can quickly take the necessary steps to prevent significant loss to your business.

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Uphold the Most Stringent
Food Safety Standards

Every food-handling business understands the importance of refrigeration to minimise the risk of products developing food poisoning bacteria and ensure adherence with safety and quality regulations.

Implementing a high-temperature monitoring system for your food, beverage or hospitality business will ensure optimal food storage conditions at every stage of your supply chain, and dramatically reduce the risk of breaching food storage standards.

Our customised temperature-monitoring solutions can be tailored to suit any type of foodservice business including:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Catering businesses
  • Warehouse and on-site cold storage
  • Cold-storage transit vehicles
  • Temperature-controlled shipping and aviation

Temperature Monitoring for Health and Biomedical Settings

Pharmacies, health and medical practitioners handling biological material, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive products rely heavily on refrigeration systems to ensure the medications they supply to patients are safe and effective.

Calamity is experienced at developing reliable temperature monitoring systems for application in a range of health and medical settings, including pharmacies, medical clinics, medical transportation and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) storage facilities, and can recommend the most suitable thermal monitoring system for your purposes. When a problem occurs we can facilitate secure after hours access to your property so problems can be solved without waking you at all hours.

Simulation of body temperature check by thermoscan or infrared thermal camera
network switch with network cables

Protect Critical IT and
Telecommunications Infrastructure

Most businesses simply couldn’t operate if ever faced with an outage or disruption to their IT or telecommunications network—incorporating thermal detection technology in server rooms can provide valuable protection for IT, telecommunications and other electronic equipment, and prevent major disruptions to your business.

Whether key personnel are located on- or off-site, a remote temperature monitor system will ensure the necessary contacts are immediately alerted when server room temperature exceeds a safe threshold, allowing ample time to address and rectify any issues before critical IT infrastructure is jeopardised.

How Do Temperature Sensors Work?

Temperature sensors work by measuring that indicate a rise or fall in temperature and can be used with or without direct surface contact.

While there is a wide range of temperature sensors that can be used in a variety of contexts and settings, temperature sensors generally fall into one of two categories—traditional thermocouple sensors and more modern silicon-based sensors.

During a personal consultation we can recommend which temperature sensor technology will be most suitable for your purposes and the correct response protocol to activations.

Know What’s Happening at Your Business No Matter Where You Are

Your ability to prevent major losses to your business often comes down to how quickly you can identify and respond to temperature fluctuations.

Our systems utilise remote temperature sensors which provide round-the-clock temperature monitoring capabilities from the convenience of a smartphone or other device. Our systems are built in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards, are optimally calibrated, and combined with intelligent monitoring dashboards and analytics, give you complete control and visibility whenever you need it.

If desired, we can also integrate your temperature monitoring technology with a more comprehensive commercial security solution to provide complete protection for every aspect of your business.