Restaurant Security Systems that Protect Patrons, Staff and Stock

Whether you operate a stand-alone premise or major restaurant chain, even a single incident or security breach could deliver a devastating blow to your business.

Intruders looking for cash or equipment, hazardous fires that could destroy your kitchen, or power outages that could jeopardise food safety or wipe out your entire inventory of stock could all be the cause of major losses.

Rather than merely dealing with the aftermath, Calamity takes a proactive approach to ensure your patrons, staff, premises and produce are protected round-the-clock

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Enhance Safety with Our Restaurant Surveillance Systems

With so many staff and patrons frequenting your restaurant every day, it’s impossible to keep an eye on everything that’s happening, all the time. Our restaurant security solutions relieve the pressure by ensuring you’ll be quickly alerted to any issues before they turn into major problems.

When an incident or security breach does occur, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be immediately notified of the issue while our team of highly trained security professionals are taking appropriate action to remedy the situation.

More than Your Average Restaurant Security Systems

Unlike stock-standard restaurant CCTV and alarm systems which can be unreliable or easily tampered with, our security systems go far beyond the basics to provide a comprehensive and reliable security solution that protects every aspect of your business.

Our professionally designed restaurant security systems keep the premises safe and secure by utilising commercial-grade restaurant security cameras and a monitored restaurant alarm system. In conjunction with other technology, such as adaptive access control systems, couriers can securely deliver stock and produce outside business hours, and temperature sensors can alert you to any cold storage failures.

Based on the unique requirements of your restaurant, we’ll design a fit-for purpose security solution that keeps people safe while protecting your most valuable assets.

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Protection from Australia’s Most Advanced Security Company

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When you choose Calamity, your restaurant will be protected by Australia’s most advanced security firm. Our tailored security solutions utilise tried-and-tested premium-quality technology, and are expertly installed and backed by round-the-clock monitoring from a team of highly trained security experts.

Whether you’re operating a casual eatery, fine dining restaurant or mixed-retail business, our highly-customised security systems are designed to meet the specific needs of your restaurant and provide complete peace of mind that your stock, staff and patrons are protected.

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