Strata Security Systems

Offer residents or tenants greater peace of mind with a comprehensive strata security system that provides total visibility and protection, at all hours of the day.

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Round-the-Clock Protection for Strata Properties

Managing multiple properties has challenges, but installing building security systems can relieve much of the burden.

Our seamlessly integrated commercial and residential strata security systems make it easy to monitor and maintain control of all building entry points, lifts, gyms, pools, car parks, waste disposal areas and other common spaces to ensure residents can go about their day, free from disruption.

As a strata manager, the safety of your residents and visitors is a priority. Having access to detailed movement records and strata video surveillance can help you to identify suspicious activity and take preventative action before anyone is harmed. In the event, your insurance policy requires evidence of damage or vandalism, our security monitoring systems are an excellent resource to have.

While prevention is a priority, accidents do happen. Our security systems can provide valuable information and video evidence in the event a resident or visitor should take legal action against your business, other tenants or any of your staff members. Being able to show compliance and adequate safety monitoring is essential for these types of situations.

Integrated Strata Security Systems You Can Rely On

Some of the features we can incorporate into your strata security system include:

  • CCTV – Round-the-clock live monitoring of all common areas with remote viewing capabilities and reliable access to detailed visual records of any incidents which occur on the premises.
  • Access control – Prevent unauthorised access to the building with auto-locking doors and encrypted swipe cards, biometrics, key fobs or passcodes with customisable access programming for enhanced flexibility.
  • Intercoms – Allow residents to greet and grant visitors access to the building directly from their office, apartment or unit.
  • Lift and elevator monitoring – 24/7 CCTV lift and elevator monitoring with live emergency assistance which isn’t reliant on a fixed phone line ensuring uninterrupted service, even throughout the NBN roll-out.
  • Virtual patrols – Our optional VDO® platform can act as your virtual security guard, conducting patrols and incident verification and response remotely.

Strata Solutions Custom-Designed by Security Experts

As a strata manager, the safety and security of building residents is in your hands, so you don’t want to cut corners.When it comes to the safety of your tenants and visitors, there’s no better time to invest.

At Calamity, we’re more than just a security company—we’ll act as your security partner. From residential apartment blocks to high-rise commercial buildings, we provide comprehensive security solutions that stretch far beyond the basics.

Starting with a building security assessment, our expert team of experienced security professionals can design a customised solution to suit your individual building layout, requirements and budget that will ensure the physical security of both the building and its residents. Trust the experts in strata security and choose Calamity as your security partner.

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