You protect people’s health (while we protect your clinic)

Medical Centres can experience safety and risk issues during the day, and break-ins at night. Calamity can keep you safeguarded, no matter what time it is.

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Health always comes first

Everyone needs to be able to see their doctor when they aren’t well or have concerns. But if they can’t get an appointment because you’ve had a break-in, or they and your staff don’t feel safe in the waiting room, then it’s time to talk with Calamity.

Our active security monitoring service ensures that someone is watching over your common areas when you’re open, and your doors when you’re not.

Safeguard your clinical spaces, valuables and medicines

Unfortunately, medical facilities can fall victim to thieves wanting cash, drugs of addition such as painkillers, and patients who sometimes aren’t in the best state of mind. 

These threats put your staff at risk during the day (without considering that a break-in after hours can mean hundreds of rescheduled appointments) or a threat to your licence to practice.  


Medical professionals are also at risk of extortion from patients who may lodge vexatious claims where it becomes your word against theirs. Our cameras show what really happened and criminals or patients who know they’re under surveillance often won’t even try.

In a FREE Security Review, we’ll give you tailored solution recommendations that can improve the operational safety at your clinic. These include-

  • 24/7 injury and personal safety monitoring for staff and clients (including emergency alarms for lone workers)
  • Camera recording of entryways, waiting rooms, reception desks, treatment rooms and common areas
  • Upgraded security on all exterior doors - fingerprint scanners, RFID access and pin-coded door locks
  • 24/7 building monitoring to protect your clinic from damage or break-ins
  • Motion sensors, security lighting, alarms and emergency phones
  • After-hours remote video patrols to ensure your practice is intact and verify any crimes in progress
  • Security Procedures, Checklists and Record-Keeping
  • And much more

Be protected by Australia’s most advanced security firm

At Calamity, we operate our multi-million dollar control and monitoring facility that has –
  • One of Australia’s highest security ratings for construction, access, capability and redundancy (ASIAL A-Grade Certification AS2201.2)
  • Been recognised as one of the best in the world (with multiple awards won)
  • A police-certified capacity to monitor banks, embassies and critical infrastructure - meaning you’ll be well protected too