Medical security systems that safeguard your clinic

When protecting your medical centre, the stakes are high. Medical centres experience a range of safety and risk issues during the day, and can be vulnerable to break-ins at night.

It’s critical to protect your centre, and the people and inventory within it. Break-ins and theft can put your staff, patients and your entire community at risk. After-hours break-ins can also result in having to reschedule hundreds of appointments, and the theft of prescription medication can jeopardise your licence to practice.  

At Calamity, we work directly with our clients to create security solutions customized to the needs of their business. There’s no better time to invest in the safety of your clinic and the community it thrives in.

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Protect the health of your patients

The demands of healthcare workers extend to all hours of the day. Medical professionals and clinic owners need to provide a service that their patients can rely on. By investing in the security of your clinic, you guarantee that you’ll be there when your patients need you.

Theft, break-ins, and criminal activity can have a serious impact on your ability to serve your patients. Temporary closes can result in having to reschedule and redirect patients to other clinics for urgent care. This can not only harm your business but the reputation of your medical centre as well.

Calamity can keep you safeguarded, no matter what time it is. Our active security monitoring service ensures that someone is watching over your common areas when you’re open, and that everything is safe and secure when your doors are closed.

We’ll make sure your clinic is protected so you can focus on what you do best—protecting people’s health.

Safeguard your clinical spaces, valuables and medicines

Medical facilities can fall victim to thieves wanting cash, prescription drugs, or other protected items.  In these cases, insurance companies may require extensive evidence to process your claims. Without it, you may find yourself financially liable for any damages incurred, putting your business and your license at risk.

Quality medical security systems can help provide evidence of malicious activity and can be a major deterrent to criminals or disgruntled patients who know they’re under surveillance.

In a FREE Security Review, we’ll recommend the most appropriate medical security systems solutions that can improve operational safety at your clinic. These include:

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At Calamity, we operate our multi-million dollar control and monitoring facility that has: