Healthcare security systems customised to your clinic

You always uphold the best possible standard of patient care—so why wouldn’t you uphold the best possible standard of security.

From fires and break-ins to aggressive customers, vexatious patient claims or disgruntled employees, healthcare providers face a unique set of challenges every day. Your security system may be the only line of defence protecting your practice from a range of serious threats.

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Putting patient and staff safety first

Safety is always top priority in any healthcare setting, but it doesn’t only apply to the treatment rooms.

Would your patients and your staff feel safe when visiting your clinic for an after-hours appointment? Can you offer clients complete confidence that their medical records and information are secure and protected? Will someone be looking out for your staff if they’re ever confronted by an intruder or aggressive person?

From GP’s to medical specialists, dentists and allied health professionals, our comprehensive healthcare security solutions are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers, upholding the highest standard of protection while ensuring you meet all local, state and federal healthcare security regulatory requirements.

Round-the-clock protection for your staff, patients and practice

Healthcare facilities can be targeted at all hours by those looking for cash, valuables or medications, and the impact of an after-hours break-in or other emergency such as a fire or power outage can be devastating if you don’t find out about it until the following day.

Our comprehensive healthcare security systems mitigate that risk by ensuring your medical practice is protected with round-the-clock active monitoring from a team of highly trained security professionals, who are always ready and able to take immediate action in the event of an emergency or security breach.

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Purpose-built healthcare security systems

Combining the latest advancements in both physical and cyber security, our purpose-built security solutions are highly customised to meet the unique requirements of your healthcare clinic.

During a free security review, we can identify effective ways to improve operational safety at your healthcare facility, including:

Choose Australia’s most advanced security firm

Unlike some security companies that outsource their services to third-party providers, Calamity is 100% independently owned and operated from our state-of-the-art monitoring facility right here in Australia—that means you know exactly who’s protecting your staff, patients and premises when something does go wrong.

Our multi-million dollar monitoring facility also: