Dental Security Solutions that Protect Every Aspect of Your Practice

You’ve invested so much to get your dental practice to where it is today, but it could all be ruined in a split second if a security threat was to go undetected. Our dental security systems protect everything you’ve worked so hard for, ensuring every aspect of your dental practice is protected in every situation.

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You focus on keeping cavities at bay, we’ll keep criminals away

Just like you know what it takes to maintain good dental health, we know what it takes to keep your dental practice safe and secure.

Often housing various Schedule 4 and Schedule 8 medicines, dental practices can be an attractive target for those looking for anaesthetics, sedatives, analgesics and even syringes.

Our comprehensive dental security systems reduce the threat of your practice being targeted by working round-the-clock to monitor all activity, keep the premises secure, and protect your valuable dental equipment.

Safeguard your practice, patients and staff

In many dental clinics, it often falls on the receptionist to keep an eye on everyone and everything happening in-clinic. However, in between setting appointments, processing payments, answering calls, supervising the waiting room, or even doubling up as a dental assistant, it’s unlikely that security is their top priority.

While this approach can make good financial sense, it’s opening your practice up to a world of risk. What happens when the receptionist is assisting in the treatment room? Who’s protecting your clinic after hours? Would your receptionist even be equipped to handle a serious security incident?

Our dental practice solutions take the task of managing security off your plate, ensuring no one can enter the premises undetected, safeguarding expensive dental equipment, keeping patient data secure, and keeping the clinic safe for staff and patients.

Close-up of a businessman's hand checking CCTV
Security video surveillance

We know how to protect patient information

As a practicing dentist, you have a legal obligation to store sensitive patient health information in line with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and various State/Territory privacy laws. Even a single privacy breach could have devastating consequences.

We can help you meet your privacy obligations with a tailored solution combining both IT and physical security, ensuring all patient data stored by your practice will always be kept secure and confidential.

Our comprehensive approach to dental security

Our custom-designed dental security systems are unsurpassed in terms of safety, reliability, and protection.

Built around the specific needs of your dental clinic, we can design a tailored security solution which includes:

  • CCTV surveillance to monitor the reception desk, waiting room, treatment rooms, back office and car parks
  • Alarmed access control systems
  • Staff panic/duress alarms
  • IP based remote monitoring and control
  • Fire/heat detection systems
  • 24/7 active monitoring and incident response

Only using commercial-grade equipment, we will professionally install, test and maintain your security system, and provide round-the-clock monitoring of your dental practice from Australia’s highest-rated electronic security monitoring facility.

Protect your dental practice with Calamity.