Office Security Systems Melbourne

More often than not, buildings and office spaces lack the means to respond immediately to fire outbreaks, flooding, and similar incidents when they happen. Preventative measures are often in place, but to safeguard your building in the event of an incident, you need one of the most reliable office security systems in Melbourne.

High-grade security services and technology like ours also make it easier to recruit and retain high-calibre tenants for the long term.

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Proactive Office Security Systems for Melbourne Properties

Building protection is one of the most commonly requested security services from Calamity. As specialists in commercial security, we provide active patrols and access, alarm, camera, and sensor monitoring to ensure your office building is secured 24/7.

Calamity’s proactive, high-tech security solutions are not just for deterring trespassers and burglars, but they also minimise damage or loss during disasters or power outages. Our active monitoring centre provides immediate response and action should such emergencies arise.

Get Better Security Control and Access with IP Monitoring

Vulnerable phone lines are costly risks to your security. Switching to our advanced IP Monitoring technology allows your nexus of alarm and camera systems to communicate with our monitoring centre via wired and wireless networks. Benefits of using this monitoring system include:

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Why Choose Calamity?

As an office building manager, your tenants expect you to install a quality security system like ours that keeps them and their businesses fully safeguarded from internal and external risks. Calamity not only has the solutions you need to protect your property, but also the credentials and licences to provide security that will never be second-guessed by insurers and police.

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