Lift & Elevator Monitor for NBN

The rollout of the NBN (National Broadband Network) means that lift emergency diallers may be disconnected. This means a person may become trapped in a lift with no means of calling for help.

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If you have responsibility for the safety of tenants, vistors or staff in your building Calamity has a simple solution for your lifts. We replace your existing PSTN phoneline and lift monitoring system with a high-availability 3G or 4G cellular network connection using two carriers, Telstra and Optus SIMS.

Calamity can supply and install the relevant lift monitoring hardware for your lift phone at a fraction of what monopoly elevator companies are charging. If you are a lift company or already have your own approved hardware we can also supply SIMS for less than the retail rate of standard mobile services.

Best of all, by doing away with a conventional phoneline and moving your lift and elevator monitoring system to a SIM based service you can potentially save money overall while ensuring your lifts remain unaffected by the NBN and connected in an emergency. Don’t let the NBN disconnection affect your lifts. Contact Calamity today and discuss our elevator phone options.v