Gym Security Systems Brisbane

Gyms and training centres need more than just cameras and remote monitoring for security— this reactive approach to protecting your assets, employees, and customers aren’t likely to keep them safe. Gym security systems for Brisbane facilities need to be proactive, genuine, and effective to prevent external and internal risks.

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Gym Security Systems in Brisbane Need a Proactive Approach

Robbery, flooding, fire, training injuries— incidents such as these can be avoided or responded to immediately with a proactive approach to security. Calamity reinforces this stance through its numerous security solutions, such as:

We Provide Exhaustive, Customised Security Plans

Security is only effective when it’s tailored to the business’ needs. Calamity provides comprehensive, bespoke security solutions to safeguard your staff, clients, assets, and your physical building like no other, ensuring monitoring and surveillance arrangements for niche issues other security providers can’t solve. The customised security plan will be based on the security risk assessment our team will conduct to determine your gym’s security strengths and weaknesses.
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Experience Advanced Protection from the Highest Rated Security Monitoring Firm

Not only do we have a monitoring centre that has been awarded the highest possible security rating from ASIAL and a Five Diamond certification by international security professionals, CSAA, but we also have the technological sophistication that most security providers don’t. Unlike them, we don’t use vulnerable, easily cut phone lines for monitoring; we use IP monitoring systems, which allow your gym’s alarm and camera systems to reach our monitoring centre via your internet connection or mobile network. Guaranteed protection and failsafe transmission.

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