Shopping Mall Security Systems That Keep Watch 24/7

Shopping centre security isn’t only important to protect the premises and keep shoppers safe – it’s likely to be top of mind for your tenants too. 

Investing in quality shopping mall security management will make a vast improvement to your ability to deter, detect and quickly intervene in any misdemeanours to protect the premises, your tenants and shoppers. 

Enhance your shopping centre with a tailored security solution to ensure it remains safe, secure and protected from thieves and vandals.

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Shopping centres need sophisticated security arrangements

Whether your centre is large or small, it takes a carefully designed and managed security solution to keep it protected.

– Large walls that are a target for graffiti

– Signage, windows and trolleys that are easy to damage

– Doors, loading docks and entrances at risk of forced entry or accident

And that’s without even considering the millions of dollars’ worth of retailer’s stock that can be damaged or stolen inside. That’s where a specialist security firm like Calamity can help.

We’ll ensure your premises are safe, day and night

At Calamity, we’re relied upon to provide active security monitoring for retail outlets and centres across Australia. Leading brands choose us for our expertise. We meet with our clients to discuss their specific concerns, while also evaluating the business for other potential threats they’ve not considered.

Through a FREE Security Review, we’ll provide you with detailed recommendations on all aspects of your shopping mall security systems, including:

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Hire Australia’s most advanced security company

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Most security companies offering an attractive price rely on outsourced subcontracted monitoring – that means that if something does go wrong, your security company won’t be the one protecting you.

At Calamity, we own a custom-designed, multi-million dollar control and monitoring facility that allows us to provide a highly sophisticated protection service.