Shopping Mall Security Systems That Keep Watch 24/7

With thousands of people walking through your doors – it’s imperative you have a comprehensive shopping mall security system that can keep up. With violent crimes on the rise, protecting the businesses, staff and customers that visit your location should be a priority.  

Deter, detect and quickly intervene on any malicious behaviour faster than before with our customised security solutions.

We work directly with our customers to create a shopping centre security plan for their unique needs. Regardless of your location, layout or budget, we have customised security solutions designed to keep you and everyone in your building protected. From custom CCTV shopping mall systems to after hours premises monitoring, we have everything needed to keep you safe.

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Shopping centres need sophisticated security arrangements

Whether your centre is large or small, it takes a carefully designed and managed security solution to keep it protected.

There are several unique threats that shopping mall security systems including:

Additionally, your shopping centre may be home to valuable inventory that businesses have, making you a target for theft-related crimes. There’s no better time to invest in the security of your shopping centre. Trust Calamity for the leading shopping mall safety and security, customised to your business and its needs.

We’ll ensure your premises are safe, day and night

At Calamity, we’re relied upon to provide active security monitoring for retail outlets and centres across Australia. Leading brands choose us for our expertise. We meet with our clients to discuss their specific concerns, while also evaluating the business for other potential threats they’ve not considered.

Through a FREE Security Review, we’ll provide you with detailed recommendations on all aspects of your shopping mall security systems, including:

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Hire Australia’s most advanced security company

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Most security companies offering an attractive price rely on outsourced subcontracted monitoring – that means that if something does go wrong, your security company won’t be the one protecting you.

At Calamity, we own a custom-designed, multi-million dollar control and monitoring facility that allows us to provide a highly sophisticated protection service.