Providing World-Class Commercial Security Systems Australia Wide

There is no room for compromise when it comes to the safety of your business. Security threats and accidents such as internet intrusions, robberies, break-ins, workplace violence, flooding, electrical outage, and fires can affect your bottom line, making proactive security an absolute necessity.

Safeguarding your company requires a lot, but you can get complete protection from our 24/7 security and monitoring system. No other provider offers top-tier commercial security systems in Australia like Calamity. We offer reliable and exhaustive security solutions to all industries such as banks, retail outlets, service stations, medical centres, and warehouses.

The Calamity Advantage

Calamity takes pride in our police-grade monitoring and state-of-the-art technology in protecting commercial establishments and their resources across the country. We are A-Graded by the ASIAL and Five-Diamond Certified by the CSAA, making us Australia’s highest-ranking and most advanced security provider.

To be graded and certified as such, we ensure all our staff members are trained and licensed. Our monitoring centre— dubbed as “a vision of monitoring” by experts over at Security Electronics and Networks Magazine— is routinely, independently assessed and graded.

Complete Security Solutions Equal Total Protection

We provide comprehensive security solutions to businesses, combining our three core commercial security services— installation, monitoring and maintenance— to give you the most reliable commercial security system in Australia. You can integrate components like low-or-zero light cameras, smoke and temperature control, remote environmental control, noise control and physical security into one 24/7 security solution.

Invest in the Best Commercial Security System in Australia

We do not settle for traditional surveillance solutions. In protecting commercial establishments and their assets, Calamity takes a customised approach to covering internal and external security issues.

Keep your company running safely with our business security systems. Here are all the locations we service.

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