Warning: Brisbane businesses are being ripped off when it comes to commercial security systems

Back in 1992 we were playing around with a sweep of new alarm technology. Today, that same equipment is still being flogged by Australia’s out-of-date security industry.

How can that be! And exactly how are consumers losing out from such inaction?

Archaic security leaves you unprotected – and paying for it!

No protection now and no protection in the future particularly if you ever need to make an insurance claim.

It’s risky business.

So how can you protect yourself?

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dome type security camera

Police-Grade Technology. World-Class Monitoring.

We’re not talking about the future of commercial security; we’re talking about the now.

All the facilities are there for your business to have the security solution you, your staff and customers deserve.

So what does that include?

It doesn’t have to stop there…

What If We Told You Your Commercial Security System In Brisbane Could Help Make Money & Save You Time?

Safeguarding your business is a multifaceted affair. But it doesn’t have to be a complex one.

Here at Calamity, we saw how we could help businesses secure their assets while saving time and boosting revenue.

Wondering how? Let’s run through some examples.

You run a veterinarian clinic (if you personally don’t, let’s just momentarily suspend reality—you’ll still see how our commercial security services can benefit your business is some pretty amazing ways).

Animals remain on the premises 24/7. But you and your staff don’t necessarily want to nor will you need to when we tell you about what we can do.

At Calamity your CCTV security plan can be designed to give you, and our monitoring centre operators, total remote access to a live stream of the animals in your care.

You’re simply alerted to any problems on site while we send for help.

You can also control the temperature of your building or store rooms; and be alerted to any power failings that could compromise costly stock.

female Calamity staff looking at a computer monitor while wearing a headset

Now. How About That Money?

Heat mapping: it’s been helping websites get better conversions for a while. Now, you too can use it to drive your profits.

This camera-based technology tracks how consumers interact with your store and products. What do they touch? What do they ignore? And what do they ultimately buy?

This data-driven approach to retail can help you optimise your business like never before.

Who’d have thought that your commercial security system could also help you increase traffic flow, identify pricing problems and help inform your buyers!

Ready to yank your business out of the dark ages?