Commercial Security Systems Brisbane

Despite the rapid growth and innovation that Brisbane has experienced in the past few years, there are hundreds of businesses owners still paying for out-of-date security solutions and it’s not worth the risk.


Running out-of-date security systems can leave you unprotected in the event of a crime which is not a risk you should be taking. In the event you need to lodge an insurance claim, having inadequate evidence and video monitoring can leave you fronting the costs of not only your claim but any damages caused by criminal activity. 

At Calamity, we’re bringing industry-leading security technology to businesses across Brisbane and the surrounding area. Our world-class monitoring solutions are customised to the unique needs of your business to ensure you’re protected on all fronts. Whether you need a complex commercial alarm system in Brisbane or simply an extra set of eyes during unstaffed hours, we have solutions designed to fit every business need.

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Police-Grade Technology. World-Class Monitoring.

We’re not talking about the future of commercial security; we’re talking about the now.


All the facilities are there for your business to have the security solution you, your staff and your customers deserve. We’re bringing world-class commercial security systems to Brisbane and beyond. 

Commercial security in Brisbane includes:

It doesn’t have to stop there…

Invest in Your Commercial Security Systems Brisbane

Safeguarding your business is a multifaceted affair. But it doesn’t have to be a complex one.


Here at Calamity, we understand that every business is unique and there’s no one security solution that works for everyone. We work directly with our clients to identify gaps in their existing system and develop a plan to implement a comprehensive new system. 

Wondering how? Let’s run through some examples.


You run a veterinarian clinic where animals remain on the premises 24/7, but your premises have set staffed hours. This means you need to protect the animals in your care, even when your staff is not present. 


At Calamity, your CCTV security camera systems in Brisbane can be designed to give you, and our monitoring centre operators, total remote access to a live stream of the animals in your care.


You’re simply alerted to any problems on-site while we send for help.


You can also control the temperature of your building or storerooms; and be alerted to any power failings that could compromise the well-being of your patients. 

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How Business Security Systems in Brisbane Can Save You Money

Heat mapping is the tracking algorithm that can help you boost profits. This camera-based technology tracks how consumers interact with your store and products. What do they touch? What do they ignore? And what do they ultimately buy?

This data-driven approach to retail can help you optimise your business like never before and at Calamity, we’re proud to be bringing it to businesses across Australia. From gym security to office building security and everything in between, Calamity is the security provider you can trust with your business.