Business Alarm Monitoring for Commercial Security

Do Not Pay More for Less

Dated security monitoring sends arm and disarm signals via your phone line. If you’re operating a business that can be every morning and every evening, before and after lunch breaks, and every time the after hours cleaner arrives and leaves. Add the daily test call and the possibility of multiple sites, and you can be racking up to $30 in call costs, on top of your monitoring fee, per month. And despite all that, do you know what the real problem is? You’re paying extra for the most vulnerable alarm monitoring system on the market.

The future of security alarm monitoring is here and now. For those ready to jump on board, there's money to be saved.

Do you want to fork out monthly fees for a security system that can be rendered useless by a humble pair of scissors? We didn't think so. Australian business owners are being fleeced when it comes to their alarm monitoring options; security companies, too ignorant of the possibilities or undertrained to deliver them, continue to connect crucial commercial security systems to outmoded phone lines. All it takes is something sharper than a butter knife and your entire commercial security system is severed - rendered completely, utterly useless.

Take Your Business Security Into the 21st Century With Calamity Ip Monitoring

IP monitoring isn’t ‘the future.’ It’s now. Anything less is unacceptable. Reliable, lightening fast, fail-safe transmission – if your business has a broadband connection, your business is ready for the heightened protection new-generation security has to offer. It’s called IP Monitoring and it can monitor multiple remote points using your alarm and CCTV system via your Internet connection and mobile network – without getting greedy with your bandwidth.

If You Want Forward-thinking Technology and Dogged Customer Service Turn to Calamity, Australia's Highest-Rated Security Monitoring Provider

Calamity designs, installs and monitors security systems for small businesses, banks, embassies and major corporations across the country. Our locally based monitoring centre has been awarded the highest possible security rating from ASIAL and was the first Australian monitoring centre to receive a Five Diamond certification by international security experts, CSAA. Being recognised by our industry is important to us, but being recognised by our customers is even better.

Better Alarm Monitoring Systems, Better Business Possibilities

Calamity’s IP Monitoring is an advanced, high-security monitoring service, connecting your security system with both wired and wireless networks. This ensures that your business’ alarm signalling communication path is failsafe, while also providing you with the opportunity to expand your business’ security apparatus in new and innovative ways. You can opt to tap into live CCTV footage through your personal computer, control locked doors and gates via an app and manage temperatures in storage spaces or cool rooms – control the everyday operations of your business from anywhere and know that your business is protected 24/7 by the highest-graded monitoring centre operators in the country.