Child Care Security Systems Sydney

Parents rely on childcare centres to be a safe place for their little ones. With such vulnerable, precious lives under your watch, it is crucial to ensure the facility is protected at all times.

Calamity offers state-of-the-art commercial security systems for childcare centres in Sydney.

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Prioritising Security in Childcare Centres

Childcare centres are supposed to be happy and safe spaces where kids can be cared for while their parents are at work or are occupied with other engagements. Therefore, it is the centre’s duty to ensure that, at minimum, the establishment is monitored by security cameras at all times and in all areas.

A reliable security system with active monitoring can prevent a lot of external and internal security threats. Perpetrators will want to avoid businesses and facilities with such tight protection. Additionally, a robust security system can help childcare workers keep an eye on children and prevent accidents from happening via monitored CCTV cameras. It also allows medical risks and emergency events, such as fire, to be noticed and attended to right away.

Superior Child Care Security Systems in Sydney

Calamity has been continually recognised as one of the most advanced security firms in the world. We are an ASIAL A-Graded and a Five Diamond Certified monitoring provider, owning and operating a multi-million dollar monitoring facility that is police- and insurer-certified.

Our childcare security systems for Sydney facilities include:

security camera in a nursery room

No Compromising the Safety of Childcare Facilities

Calamity has helped hundreds of childcare and educational facilities across major cities in Australia. Ensure that your childcare centre is equipped with police-grade CCTV cameras, secured entranceway and window locks, burglar and smoke alarm systems, secure login processes, and more.

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