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Our ultra-modern security systems and advanced
back-to-base monitoring will keep you and your
home protected 24/7 (whether you’re there or not).

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Your Home is Meant
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There’s nothing more terrifying than suddenly facing a stranger in
your bedroom at 3 am. Without appropriate security protecting
your home, this threat could occur at any time in the future (even tonight).

By protecting your home with a professionally designed security
system and back-to-base monitoring, you will always sleep
soundly; knowing you’re a ‘hard target’ and a potential intruder isv likely to think twice before trying your house.

We provide active monitoring you can rely on

Many security-conscious families have chosen Calamity across Australia not only for our high-tech system designs and installation, but because of our service levels and the comfort we’re always watching over them for you.

Our award-winning monitoring centre in Sydney has an ASIAL A- Grade rating (the same rating required to monitor banks, embassies and critical infrastructure). Which means we can also provide a professional level of care and attention for high net worth/high profile families as well as every Australian homeowner.

As the first company in Australia to be awarded a Five Diamond Certification from CSAA your family is in good hands with us.

We’re your complete
home security provider

Here’s just some of what we do for clients:


Imagine a home security system capable of doing more for you and your family than you’d ever thought possible.

Well, it’s finally here.

For too long now Australians have been sold down the river when it comes to security. Paying too much for out-of-date technology and low-grade performance has simply become the status quo. But who said it had to be this way?

If you’re looking for something better, then Calamity offers home security designed to remarkably improve the way you live. It’s not about installing a home security camera or two and then forgetting about it. It’s about the bigger picture: blending security, performance checks & monitoring to offer you complete peace of mind.

The highest-rated security system in the country.

Suddenly it seems technology has fallen into step with the way we want to live.

We’re not switching on an alarm and waiting until it goes off.

Now you get an IP-operated home security system, combining CCTV, security cameras and alarm monitoring, giving you an amazing range of new and exciting possibilities.

So what exactly are the possibilities?

Here’s just some of what we do for clients:You can now remotely monitor your home from anywhere using IP and mobile technology. This includes scanning for smoke, controlling swimming pool gates, checking in on your pets and keeping an eye on the kids when you’re not around.

You can check on and change the temperature of your home, so storerooms, coolers or wine cellars can be monitored when you’re away; or you can simply ensure your family is returning to both safety and comfort at the end of each day.

You can also open and lock gates an doors using your mobile phone, so you can control access to your property for carers, cleaners and deliveries when you’re not at home. Your security system can be a convenience system too!

And when it comes to safety, well, Calamity offers an inside-out solution. Home security cameras and alarms are installed both internally and externally. This means you’re not only protected from burglars and vandals, but can also feel confident in the level of service care providers, nannies and maintenance staff are providing for you and your family.

Dedicated to superior security. Delivering the best Australia has to offer.

It’s about a commitment to better home security systems. A revolutionary approach within the Australian market, Calamity’s award winning monitoring centre is the only one of its kind in the country. Its 5-Diamond Certification from the Central Station Alarm Association, is something only the top 130 providers worldwide have attained. Not a single Australian provider other than Calamity has achieved 5 Diamond status.

We’re also certified AS2201.2 Grade A by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association) – and that’s an important list for your security provider to be on, because police can refuse to accept calls from non-certified monitoring centres and insurers can deny claims if a non-standards compliant system is in use. So be wary of dodgy, unlicensed electricians or tradesmen upselling you with ineffective, budget security systems and alarm monitoring outsourced to third-parties.

Reducing false alarms.

Calamity is obsessive about false alarm reduction. Calamity’s customers have fewer false alarms when we install modern systems which work properly. We offer our clients the routine assessment and maintenance of technology equipment; we provide alarm systems that cannot be corrupted by a single point of failure; and we’re often able to assess the difference between an alarm requiring a ‘standard response,’ such as a patrol, and those requiring more serious action, like police or the urgent despatch of emergency services.


This means whether you’re out or at home you and your neighbours are not going to be pestered by unnecessary and over-sensitive alarms. Instead, you can be confident your security system is fully functional, regularly tested and that there is a team of trained professionals taking action by assessing through our alarm and video-monitoring facilities the appropriate response.

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Police-quality surveillance now in your home.

Your home security should, foremost, protect you, your family and your home. Unfortunately, many Australian homeowners are falling trap to DIY home security cameras or unlicensed installers. But why? Well, CCTV cameras and DVRs (digital video recorders) are available everywhere: your local electronics store, eBay, online. They’re even being sold to homeowners by their electricians, tradesmen and home entertainment installers. They may seem reasonably priced, the installation convenient and quick; but what’s the real price?

Don't settle for low-quality security.

Head into your local electronics store and compare the security cameras they’re using in store and the cameras they’re selling to homeowners on the floor. You’ll find the quality between what someone finds as good enough for their own personal use often varies wildly from what they’d happily sell to you. And in an industry unregulated, where unlicensed and untrained installers ploy their trade freely, it’s often too late before you realise your security system is totally ineffectual.

Better security means a safer home.

When you go with a trusted security provider you can rest assured your installation is the hands of a licensed professional. Because they’re trained to best create a security blueprint of your property, you know that your home is being safely monitored from multiple angles, with cameras able to track any intruder’s path. This means that your security monitoring provider is able to locate a burglar as soon as they enter the property and help the police track them down. If the perpetrator happens to get away, Calamity’s law enforcement-grade surveillance cameras can help identify and ultimately apprehend them.

Don't lose money on your insurance claim.

Using unlicensed and untrained security providers can lose you money. Initially, you’ll be paying for home security cameras that simply aren’t up to scratch. Along the line, if and when your home is broken into, you’ll struggle to get your insurance claim approved because your security system didn’t meet the compliance standards of your insurance provider. 

Head over to our Home Security System Installation page to find out more about how Calamity can help keep your family safe.

And find out how we can improve your home security and help save you money.


When installation is poor, so is your security. It's simply unavoidable.

And unfortunately far too many Australians have unwittingly fallen trap to the dodgy, unlicensed installation of alarms and cameras. This means numerous false alarms, ineffectual monitoring or no follow-up maintenance. So the home security system you paid for? Well, it ends up just being an expensive sticker on your front door.


Using unlicensed and ungraded security service providers simply loses you money. Not only are you forfeiting the initial purchase and installation costs, but you’ll also find yourself struggling to get approval on your insurance claim in the event that something does happen because you used a security system that didn’t meet the compliance standards of your provider.

So what are unlicensed and untrained security installers getting wrong?

In order to meet the Australian Standard AS2201.1 intruder alarm control equipment should be located within the alarmed area, located outside the entry/exit point and operate in dual end-of-line supervision. Unfortunately, the Australian security industry is highly unregulated and filled with poorly trained or unlicensed professionals.

An Australian security system survey found:

  • 18% of panels were located outside an alarmed area;
  • 15% were located within the entry/exit point and;
  • 46% of panels were not capable of dual end-of-line supervision.

The poor and unprofessional installation of security systems can also result in burdensome and costly false alarms caused by everyday disturbances like curtains, winds and pets.

Lacking vision: Don't waste time and money with poorly installed CCTV

Groundbreaking facial identification capabilities have moved home security CCTV into a whole new world. The problem? Not all CCTV systems are created equal.

While many Australian homeowners are keen to install CCTV cameras around their property, they’re simply not aware of how poorly their equipment is performing. Your average intrusion detection camera may operate at less than 10% (you’re going to need at least 50% for facial recognition quality), so while you’ll definitely know someone jumped over your back fence, you won’t be able to identify them. If you and the police are unable to identify an intruder, what exactly was the point of having your CCTV system installed anyway?

Calamity can provide you with CCTV cameras functioning at up to 120%, police recommended, facial identification technology. Remarkably clear imagery means police are more likely to identify and successfully prosecute an offender.

Your CCTV security system can be set up for both on-site and remote viewing: through your computer or smartphone app. You can also opt in for Calamity’s 24/7 monitoring service, where disturbances will be monitored by our fully trained security monitoring operators. Because our CCTV cameras are so powerful and our operators trained to assess any alarm situation, you can rest assured any incident is immediately appraised and action taken – whether it’s a patrol car sent or the alerting of emergency services.

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Make the most of your security.

No security or surveillance system is worth installing if it’s not properly maintained. A malfunctioning alarm or camera is purely a false sense of security. Unfortunately, many Australian security installers are unlicensed and untrained. Their failure to regularly test and update your home security system means the equipment you paid for is rendered useless.

Calamity runs routine testing of your home security system to ensure your home and family are always protected. Because regular testing is a part of the Calamity service you can be confident your investment is safeguarded from obsolescence or failure when you are depending on it.

Security that works in your favour. Not the burglar's.

National statistics show there’s over 220,000 victims of break and enters or burglaries across the country annually. Career criminals know the state of Australia’s home security systems makes many houses easy targets. They’re also not ignorant about the level of protection one security company will offer a homeowner over another. That’s why a security system installed, maintained or monitored by Calamity will deter break-ins and robberies, keeping your property and family safe. There is a reason our customers keep asking for Calamity’s warning signs. It presents them a harder target for criminals who will often go elsewhere instead.

cctv footage

Have the confidence of knowing you're protected 24 hours a day.

A Calamity home security maintenance check includes:

  • The testing of the security system control panel’s communication networks, including contact to our monitoring centre, motion detectors, smoke detectors, door switches, perimeter protection, sirens and lights.
  • The evaluation of all detection devices and security technology is carried out by a licensed, trained professional.
  • Confirmation that your alarm and all equipment are in good working condition.
  • Ensuring alarm devices haven’t been compromised during the period between installation and maintenance check. This includes security cabling failure or other causes of false alarms. We check controls, cables, conduits and sensors.
  • Testing and replacement of all batteries
  • The assessment of whether or not equipment upgrades may be necessary or beneficial.

Our fully trained and licensed professionals will assess access controls, alarms, CCTV and more. Because your home security system is regularly assessed and tested, both from within your property and from our monitoring location, you can be confident in the efficiency of your investment for the long term.

Bank-grade security is now available in your home.

For far too long Australian homeowners have suffered at the hands of an industry bloated with big bad traders with no real interest in security. Calamity has worked long and hard to deliver world-class security to both homes and businesses alike. We’ve done this by building Australia’s highest-rated electronic security monitoring facility, the award-winning Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence – we call it the CASTLE.

From the ultra-secure CASTLE our Five-Diamond certified, ASIAL Grade A monitoring centre provides alarm monitoring, CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, security systems and more.

Trained professionals, working for you around the clock, able to respond instantly.

Our client’s sites and assets are under the supervision of Calamity trained professionals 24/7. So choosing to go with Calamity’s monitoring and maintenance services means you’re guaranteed your security is in the hands of professionals available to assess and take appropriate action – not being outsourced elsewhere without your knowledge. Thanks to the CASTLE we’re able to provide you with an unparalleled security service. Finally, you can get the security system you deserve. And if you enable monitoring and maintenance, you’ll be happy knowing your home and loved ones are safe as houses whether you’re at home or away.

To find out how we can improve your security and save you money.

Common Home Security FAQs


Absolutely. For a relatively modest cost, a home security system is a major deterrent for thieves and intruders. Not only can it protect you from the financial cost of being burgled, but it also provides valuable peace of mind that you and your property is safe and secure.

When an alarm system is triggered, our 24/7 monitoring centre is immediately notified and we’ll initiate a response based on a set of predefined instructions provided by you. Depending on the type of incident, this could include dispatching police, private security, fire or ambulance services.

As a general rule, burglars don’t want to get caught. Every security measure you add to your home from your choice of locks, to installing a burglar alarm or other electronic security system will act as a major deterrent and make your home a less appealing target.

Most good quality security camera systems include valuable features like high-definition resolution that’s clear enough to identify people or number plates, night and low-light vision for 24-hour coverage, live motion detection and notifications, remote monitoring and control functionality and adequate storage space to save recordings.

Security systems are generally built to last, so provided the cabling is still intact, older systems can usually be upgraded to include modern technology such as mobile app control, remote monitoring and other useful features and functionality. Obsolete motion detectors can also usually be replaced to minimise false alarms.

Common CCTV Camera Security FAQS

Security cameras (or CCTV cameras) operate independently to record video to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) digitally either wirelessly or preferably by using professionally cabled and secure wiring. Surveillance cameras can record both video and audio signals (subject to legislation), and will also work in conjunction with security systems and remote off-site monitoring.

CCTV cameras typically work at night by using one of the following technologies:

  • Infrared illumination: A sensor detects the infrared energy produced by different objects to produce a good quality image, even in total darkness. Often this is assisted via infrared lighting which is invisible to humans but allows cameras to see in the dark as though it were daylight.
  • Low-light Imaging: Uses image intensifiers to enlarge and amplify the available light to capture images in low light. Modern IP Cameras are highly sensitive and can perform better than the human eye in very low light.

CCTV cameras can generally operate on very little electricity and it’s not uncommon for 16 or more cameras to be powered from a single outlet. This can be protected in-turn by an ‘uninterruptible power supply’ (UPS) to provide power to the cameras and recorders even during a blackout or if the power to your premises is cut by criminals.

The difference in quality between the most expensive analogue CCTV camera and the cheapest high-definition IP camera is substantial. Analogue cameras are not worth installation and existing ones can be easily replaced, often using existing cabling with newer cameras whose quality will blow you away. IP cameras typically have higher resolution from HD Megapixel to 4k and offer a much larger field of vision than their analogue predecessors. All of our clients who have replaced their older, existing CCTV systems with newer hardware have been delighted by the immediate improvement in quality as well as the additional features newer systems provide for crime prevention and day to day convenience.

Like any internet-connected device, CCTV cameras and recorders can be vulnerable to hacking. Taking simple measures like setting a strong password and changing it regularly will provide protection against hackers. Similarly, updating software and firmware just as you would your desktop computer. CCTV cameras can operate without internet access or connection to your local network however you won’t be able to access your cameras remotely. Calamity has a strong background in IT and Cyber Security and can advise on best practices as required.