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Feel Safe Again...

Knowing that Calamity's modern security systems can protect your property when you're out. More importantly, we can keep you and your family safe when you're at home. We install and monitor everything from simple burglar alarms and smoke detectors, to CCTV camera systems and full home automation packages. We support a wide variety of brands and offer full service whether you have an existing system and are looking for better service levels, or would like a new system installed.

World Class Monitoring

Our multi-million dollar, award-winning monitoring centre has been 'graded' by ASIAL to Australian Standard 2201.2 at the A Level. That allows Calamity to monitor the security of banks, embassies, and critical infrastructure.

However, it also extends the same quality to monitoring private homes and families. Calamity was not only graded A1 on its first day of operation it is also the first Australian monitoring centre to ever achieve a Five Diamond certification by the CSAA.

Unlike most security companies, we don't outsource your monitoring to a cheap wholesaler. We provide a full-service in-house so you know who you're dealing with at every stage.

Why Use a Monitoring System?

The simple fact is your neighbours aren't going to respond to a siren any more. Insurers know it and criminals know it. When criminals see our sign on your fence however, they know to go elsewhere. If your security or safety is ever at risk our operators can despatch a response within seconds according to your tailored instructions. Calamity's modern 'IP Monitoring' systems mean you can get rid of your phone line and still have the comfort from a fully monitored security system. As an added bonus, you can control your alarm system using your smartphone and even open doors to accept deliveries when you're not at home.

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