Home Security

Our ultra-modern security systems and advanced
back-to-base monitoring will keep you and your
home protected 24/7 (whether you’re there or not).

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Your Home is Meant
to be your Safe Space

There’s nothing more terrifying than suddenly facing a stranger in
your bedroom at 3 am. Without appropriate security protecting
your home, this threat could occur at any time in the future (even tonight).

By protecting your home with a professionally designed security
system and back-to-base monitoring, you will always sleep
soundly; knowing you’re a ‘hard target’ and a potential intruder isv likely to think twice before trying your house.

Get Quality Home Security System Design, Installation and Monitoring with Calamity

Some people install cheap WiFi cameras or an alarm system they
bought online, and hope that their neighbours will come to help if it ever goes off. They won’t.

The reality is intruders don’t care about fancy cameras and most people ignore house alarms.

With Calamity, we don’t take risks with your family’s safety. We
give you the peace of mind you’re looking for with a top-quality security system that’s designed to minimise risks to your family, and actively monitored by a professional team working 24/7.

We provide active monitoring you can rely on

Many security-conscious families have chosen Calamity across Australia not only for our high-tech system designs and installation, but because of our service levels and the comfort we’re always watching over them for you.

Our award-winning monitoring centre in Sydney has an ASIAL A- Grade rating (the same rating required to monitor banks, embassies and critical infrastructure). Which means we can also provide a professional level of care and attention for high net worth/high profile families as well as every Australian homeowner.

As the first company in Australia to be awarded a Five Diamond Certification from CSAA your family is in good hands with us.

We’re your complete home security provider

Here’s just some of what we do for clients:

  • Security installation and upgrades
  • Grade-A Alarm Monitoring (no phone-line required – NBN Compatible)
  • Hardwired Alarms or Fully
  • Wireless Alarm Systems
  • Service and Maintenance of all leading brands of systems
  • False Alarm Reduction
  • CCTV and Remote Video Verification
  • Pet-Friendly Sensors
  • Outdoor and Perimeter Detectors
  • Smoke Alarms and Panic Buttons
  • Flexible Customised Monitoring
  • And more

Common Home Security FAQs

Absolutely. For a relatively modest cost, a home security system is a major deterrent for thieves and intruders. Not only can it protect you from the financial cost of being burgled, but it also provides valuable peace of mind that you and your property is safe and secure.
When an alarm system is triggered, our 24/7 monitoring centre is immediately notified and we’ll initiate a response based on a set of predefined instructions provided by you. Depending on the type of incident, this could include dispatching police, private security, fire or ambulance services.
As a general rule, burglars don’t want to get caught. Every security measure you add to your home from your choice of locks, to installing a burglar alarm or other electronic security system will act as a major deterrent and make your home a less appealing target.
Most good quality security camera systems include valuable features like high-definition resolution that’s clear enough to identify people or number plates, night and low-light vision for 24-hour coverage, live motion detection and notifications, remote monitoring and control functionality and adequate storage space to save recordings.
Security systems are generally built to last, so provided the cabling is still intact, older systems can usually be upgraded to include modern technology such as mobile app control, remote monitoring and other useful features and functionality. Obsolete motion detectors can also usually be replaced to minimise false alarms.