Calamity’s 24/7 security monitoring service keeps 
track of your alarms, as well as our Silent Sentinel® 
life safety systems – all day, every day.

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Alarms aren’t effective if no-one is watching them

When people install an alarm system on a home or business, they expect that burglars will run when the alarm goes off. But often burglars know how to deactivate cheap or poorly installed alarm systems.

Worse still, most people ignore alarms that are going off (hoping that they’ll stop ringing soon).

With Calamity Security watching them, however, someone in our state-of-the-art monitoring centre will know instantly if your alarm is triggered; and take action immediately.

Track your alarms in real-time with Calamity’s 24/7 monitoring centre

Search online for monitored security, and you might see pictures of fancy computer screens with someone watching them. But it 
wouldn’t be the first time a new customer has told us a competitor doesn’t actually own the centre in the pictures on their website (they’ve found out the hard way that their security monitoring was just ‘outsourced’ to a wholesaler).

Calamity is different. We’re real.

Our secure facility in Sydney is independently rated as one of
the best in Australia
(with an ASIAL A-Grade rating and a Five 
Diamond Certification from CSAA).

It cost us several million dollars to construct and utilises some of the most advanced security monitoring technology and best 
operators in the country.

If we monitor your alarms, you’ll know who you’re dealing with 
and be assured someone is always there to watch and respond to threats.

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What types of alarm can we monitor?

Calamity offers a comprehensive service for commercial, residential and personal security monitoring.

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Keep your staff, assets and facilities safe with our 24/7 active monitoring service. We’ll watch over your business and your people to protect against vandalism, break-ins, burglary, shoplifting, theft and damage.

  • Door, gate and window alarms
  • Temperature alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Access control security systems
  • Remote site monitoring
  • Motion sensors
  • Computer & server monitoring alarms
  • CCTV cameras



Feel safe at home or when you leave with Calamity’s 24/7 alarm monitoring. With automated contact with you ifsomething goes wrong or the emergency services, we’ll ensure you’re safe.

  • Door, gate and window alarms
  • Motion sensors
  • CCTV cameras
  • Panic buttons
  • Fire alarms
  • Smoke alarms
  • and more

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Our Silent Sentinel ® Life Safety Devices are monitored by our team 24/7, ensuring that your family member or friend is safe at all times. They can call for help at the press of a button, or we’ll call for an ambulance if they fall and don’t respond on their pendant. It’s the stress-free way to know they’re always okay.


24/7 alarm monitoring, customised commercial solutions and the power to change your business for good.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally Australian businesses can get high-quality security services on par with those of their contemporaries overseas.

Calamity designs, installs and monitors security systems for small businesses, banks, embassies and major corporations across the country. Our locally based monitoring centre has been awarded the highest possible security rating from ASIAL and was the first Australian monitoring centre to receive a Five Diamond certification by international security experts, CSAA. Being recognised by our industry is important to us, but being recognised by our customers is even better.

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different types of security cameras and a room in background

If You Want Forward-thinking Technology and Dogged Customer Service Turn to Calamity, Australia's Highest-Rated Security Monitoring Provider

Because we have Australia’s highest-rated electronic security alarm monitoring facility, we’re able to deliver commercial security solutions like no other Australian security provider. The CASTLE (The Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence) is a Five-Diamond certified, Grade A monitoring centre. From here, our professional security monitoring team watches over your business assessing any CCTV activity and alarms.

We’ve always been about delivering the best possible security for homeowners and businesses. However, we also knew the Australian market was flooded with dodgy traders, outsourced monitoring and poorly trained staff. That’s why we run our own training programs; training our alarm monitoring operators from the ground up. Because our staff are trained in-house and operate solely from our CASTLE location, you know you’re getting first-rate security supervision and the fastest possible response times.

This means you, your staff and your customers are safer. It also means you’re not going to be bothered by unnecessary false alarms or costly call out fees.

Think you might be paying too much for alarm monitoring? Click the link to find out.

Monitoring that moves with your business.

How would a robbery, fraud, flood or fire affect your business? What would a weekend-long electrical outage do to your bottom dollar? How would you feel if an employee, under your care, was injured or harmed?

These are just some of the incidents we can help protect you from by taking a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach to your business and commercial security.

We can provide complete security solutions to banks, retail outlets, service stations, medical practices, warehouses, and more. It’s not just about weighing up what you have that’s worth stealing. Instead, it’s about protecting your resources – your assets. Every organisation has these. Your staff, your customers, your products, your intellectual property and your revenue – all of this will suffer if your business fails to identify and properly manage risk ahead of time.

Do Not Pay More for Less

Dated security monitoring sends arm and disarm signals via your phone line. If you’re operating a business that can be every morning and every evening, before and after lunch breaks, and every time the after hours cleaner arrives and leaves. Add the daily test call and the possibility of multiple sites, and you can be racking up to $30 in call costs, on top of your monitoring fee, per month. And despite all that, do you know what the real problem is? You’re paying extra for the most vulnerable alarm monitoring system on the market.

The future of security alarm monitoring is here and now. For those ready to jump on board, there's money to be saved.

Do you want to fork out monthly fees for a security system that can be rendered useless by a humble pair of scissors? We didn’t think so. Australian business owners are being fleeced when it comes to their alarm monitoring options; security companies, too ignorant of the possibilities or undertrained to deliver them, continue to connect crucial commercial security systems to outmoded phone lines. All it takes is something sharper than a butter knife and your entire commercial security system is severed – rendered completely, utterly useless.

That’s why Calamity suggests IP Monitoring system. These allow your business’ nexus of alarm and camera systems to communicate with Calamity’s A Graded monitoring centre via a robust combination of your internet connection and several mobile networks.

IP monitoring isn’t ‘the future.’ It’s now. Anything less is unacceptable.

IP Monitoring. The expert's choice for better business security.

Reliable, lightning fast, fail-safe transmission – if your business has a broadband connection, your business is ready for the heightened protection new-generation security has to offer. It’s called IP Monitoring and it can monitor multiple remote points using your alarm and CCTV system via your Internet connection and mobile network – without getting greedy with your bandwidth. Because you’ve got IP monitoring your business can keep its routine controls and maintain security even if phone lines are sabotaged or failed. No call charges or line rental needed.

Better Alarm Monitoring Systems, Better Business Possibilities

Calamity’s IP Monitoring ensures that your business’ alarm signalling communication path is failsafe, while also providing you with the opportunity to expand your business’ security apparatus in new and innovative ways. You can opt to tap into live CCTV footage through your personal computer, control locked doors and gates via an app and manage temperatures in storage spaces or cool rooms – control the everyday operations of your business from anywhere and know that your business is protected 24/7 by the highest-graded monitoring centre operators in the country.

Call us to find out how we’ve saved our commercial clients thousands on their phone bills.


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You've got the cameras and the alarms, but who's watching them?

A home security system without alarm monitoring can only go so far. As security experts, we find alarm monitoring to be the essential piece of your personal and property safety puzzle. And, because we have Australia’s highest-rated electronic security monitoring facility, we’re able to deliver home security in a way no other Australian provider can. Find out how alarm monitoring ensures our operators jump into action when a disturbance is detected in your home.
Home alarm monitoring Infographic

Five-Diamond Certified, Grade A Monitoring.

Calamity offers you our Five-Diamond certified, Grade A monitoring centre. Nicknamed, The CASTLE, the Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence, is in a league of its own when it comes to Australian security providers. The CASTLE is completely operated from our Australian location and staffed with 100% Calamity-trained employees. That means every Calamity customer is guaranteed 24/7 monitoring by professional, local operators handling only Calamity homes and businesses. Your safety is never outsourced to a third-party monitoring centre handling the client list of multiple security suppliers.

So besides a safer and better home security system, what does all this really mean for you? It’s simple: faster response times, less false alarms and no costly call-out fees.

five-diamond certified security

Back-to-base alarm monitoring for the modern home.

The way we live is changing. This means the way we protect our home and family is changing, too. Calamity’s home alarm monitoring can be adapted to better suit your needs, making life just that little bit easier.

Arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone. Provide safe access to cleaners, tradesmen or carers from any location. Make sure your kids are home safe from school. Calamity’s alarm monitoring is about keeping your home safe from the outside in.

IP Monitoring. The expert's choice for better security.

Isn’t it great when something is not only better, it’s more cost-effective too? That’s exactly how we feel about IP alarm monitoring.

Your home alarm system is designed to send arm and disarm signals. This means you can show either the police or your insurer that your alarm system has been properly armed.

While most security providers will connect this monitoring system through your phone lines, we prefer to go with IP monitoring. Let us tell you why:

  • Not every modern home has a phone line.
  • Phone lines can be easily cut. Once they are, your security is totally done for.
  • Phone line monitored security can see you logging between 10-20 calls a week!
  • You’ll be charged for every call logged.

With IP monitoring your home’s security system is connected to our A Graded monitoring centre via your internet connection and several mobile networks. This keeps your home constantly connected, even if phone lines are sabotaged or failed. No call charges or rental line needed.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our CCTV cameras are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our Australian-based facility. Our highly-trained staff can check in on your home or business whenever activity is detected and conduct regular virtual surveillance patrols as needed.

Our customers also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being able to check their live and recorded CCTV footage remotely, at any time, from any location.

Security cameras equipped with infrared (IR) technology can capture high-quality visuals even in total darkness, however, the picture is typically produced in grayscale/black and white.

IR cameras can accurately make out people and objects in low- and no-light settings, as well as in fog, smoke and dust. More advanced commercial-grade cameras can also automatically adjust picture brightness to capture sharp, properly exposed images in all lighting conditions.