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24/7 Alarm Monitoring Services

So you've installed your alarm system, but how do you know you're getting the most return on your investment? Alarm monitoring is a specialised Calamity service providing all our clients, both in residential and in the business sector, with complete peace of mind. The triggering of an alarm is a common occurrence in a busy city or suburban areas. But they often go ignored by those nearby. That's why it's important to have your activated alarm system monitored by a security provider that specialises in alarm monitoring. Remember. There's a difference between alarm monitoring companies that own an alarm monitoring centre and one who simply outsources their alarm monitoring services to another wholesaler. Don't be fooled by photos on a website. Calamity owns its own alarm monitoring centre that is regarded as Australia's finest.

Our 24/7 alarm monitoring services can guarantee that the security of your home or business is in full effect. Falsely triggered alarms can be turned off and emergency or police services contacted when you need them. By allowing the Calamity alarm monitoring team remote access to your security setup, we can even take over the necessary intermittent updates and system changes. Saving you time and money by avoiding on-site maintenance.

Business Alarm Monitoring Services

Protecting your business' assets is important to any owner or operator. Primarily, you want you and your staff to remain safe at all times. Secondly, you want to protect the financial gains of your company by ensuring stock isn't compromised through theft or damage. This is why alarm monitoring is a must for any business owner. With burglary, shoplifting, vandalism and employee fraud all challenging business owners' bottom line, 24/7 alarm monitoring is your most effective defense against losses. We provide emergency call services, remote site and alarm monitoring and a range of web reporting tools to help you manage the security of your business. For more information, visit our Commercial Security Alarm Monitoring page.

Residential Alarm Monitoring Services

You should always feel safe in your home, that's why we provide our award-winning monitoring services to all our residential clients. Used to monitor the sites of banks, embassies and critical infrastructure, our home alarm monitoring extends that same exceptional level of service to you and your family. Because our alarm monitoring services are completely in-house, unlike other security providers who will outsource your security monitoring, your personal security is never compromised. Monitoring is always employed through our Sydney location, so you know exactly who you're dealing with. For more information, visit our Home Security Alarm Monitoring page.

Life Safety Monitoring Services

Anyone personally, or who has a family member, suffering from a life-endangering medical condition knows how stressful everyday activities can be. Whether you're at home or out, you want to ensure you're safe and that medical emergency services will be contacted if you need them. That's why we provide alarm monitoring services to all our Silent Sentinel customers. The dual function of this advanced technology makes them a real life saver. Designed with both the traditional "stress button" (the wearer can push this if they feel they're having a medical emergency) and a newly engineered fall detector device (automatic alarm activation when the wearer has a fall) monitoring on these devices guarantees fast medical attention when the wearer needs it most. For more information, visit our Life Safety Monitoring page.

Are you getting value for money when it comes to your business alarm monitoring?

The Australian security industry is bone-idle. Every day we speak to business owners being overcharged for second-rate services and out-of-date technology. If you think monthly fees upwards of $100 for an alarm monitoring company that simply rings you when there is a problem is a bit steep, you're right. If you're troubled by the idea you might be paying for security technology that's 20 years old, you should be. If you want reliable security monitoring with set emergency protocols and no hidden fees, we can give it to you.