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CCTV cameras, remote monitoring, and panic buttons in your fitness centre aren’t enough to keep your customers, staff, and gym equipment completely safe. You need a top-level security system that can cover your security weaknesses and provide prompt emergency responses.

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We Provide Tailored Gym Security Systems in Sydney

A security system that doesn’t address your unique safety needs may not be reliable at all. That’s why you should rely on Calamity’s customised security plans that consider your gym’s specific requirements and security concerns. Our free security review will provide detailed insight on your weaknesses and may recommend the following services and more as part of your security plan:

Take on a More Active Stance on Security

Traditional security monitoring relies on sending signals via your phone lines— a fragile and vulnerable way to go about modern security. Anyone with a pair of scissors can render your security system useless and your facility exposed to risk.

Here at Calamity, we take pride in being Australia’s most modern security firm. We guarantee that the quality of our gym security systems for Sydney facilities are ways above solutions that most security providers offer; for one, we take on a more active, reliable stance on security through IP Monitoring. This advanced, high-security technology monitors several remote points using your alarm and CCTV system through your Internet connection and mobile network, ensuring heightened protection and failsafe transmission.


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We Ensure Your Safety with Life Safety Monitoring

Due to the nature of the fitness industry, gyms and training facilities will benefit from Calamity’s Life Safety monitoring technology, which we can use to oversee your clients’ well-being and have a team ready to respond right away in case of emergencies.

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