Finally, Perth businesses can get the commercial security system they deserve!

Australia’s security industry is overrunning with poorly trained, uneducated workers. Now that’s something no business owner really wants to hear. Unfortunately, it’s true and it’s businesses that suffer the consequences.

A lack of interest and industry knowledge means these untrained installers are still selling and installing the same electronics from over a decade ago – at the same profit margin! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The technology is there and at your disposal. All you need is the right security experts to plan, install and monitor your system. Calamity can help.

Save yourself from paying too much on alarm monitoring. Head to our monitored security systems page to find out how you can reduce your alarm monitoring costs.

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Don't Waste Your Money On Weak Security.

Poorly installed and monitored security is pointless.

Police-grade security systems and immediate-response monitoring is available. And it doesn’t have to cost you the world. In fact, our industry-leading technology and training can actually help you save and even make money!

We’ll get to that soon. For now let’s focus on every security system’s primary function – protection.

Australia's Highest Grading. Five Diamond Worldwide Certified.

We’re the only security company in the nation to be both A Graded by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association) and Five Diamond Certified by the CSAA.

All our staff are fully trained and licensed. And our world-class monitoring centre is regularly heralded as the best in the country.

We provide three key service areas – installationalarm monitoring and maintenance – which can be customised and combined to deliver the security scheme best for your business model.

How do we do it?

You can click on any of the blue links above to get more information about our key service areas. Or keep reading to get more information on better bottom-line security.

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An Investment In Commercial Security in Perth That's Actually An Investment In Your Business.

Our lifework is defence. We do this by safeguarding your premises; keeping staff and customers safe; and guarding assets and stock. Though, as the technology evolves, we discovered we can help reinforce your business in exciting ways. With your Calamity, your security plan can be tailored to help your business move in compelling new directions.

It could be the remote monitoring of store room or refrigerator temperatures. Maybe it’s live footage CCTV access to people or animals in your care. Perhaps it involves the camera tracking of both staff and visitors, so you can quickly locate potential customers or needed employees faster. Or you could be using our Silent Sentinel life safety monitoring to provide safety for high-risk staff like carers or night workers.

A new wave of consumer data at your fingertips.

You may have already heard of heat mapping. It’s been the darling of the web development industry for awhile now. There’s a good reason for that. It gets user-behaviour data straight into the hands of online businesses. So they can then re-design, re-strategise and re-market their online space. Now heat mapping can be applied in the real world too.

This camera-based technology logs exactly how consumers are interacting with your store and stock. What do they touch? What do they pass by? And what do they never even venture to see?

This data-driven approach to retail can help you optimise your business like never before.

Now you can boost traffic flow, pinpoint pricing problems and deliver feedback to your buyers via your commercial security system!

Ready to revolutionise your business security?