World-class commercial security systems for Sydney businesses

Let’s go back to 1992.

The security industry has just invested in a whole bunch of brand new technology.

Now let’s jump forward to today and -brace yourself- they’re still selling that same gear!

Despite ground-breaking advance -particularly beneficial to commercial clients- the security industry is still flogging and installing that same outmoded technology.

It’s not just crazy, it’s dangerous. Placing you and your business at risk – physically and financially.

So how can you protect yourself?

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The Best Kept Secret In Commercial Security.

Police-grade technology and world-class monitoring are available!

The technology is there and investing in anything less is simply investing in failure.

Calamity is A Graded by ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association) and Five Diamond Certified by the CSAA.

No other Australian security provider even comes close.

All our staff are trained and licensed. Our monitoring centre has been, and is routinely, independently assessed and graded.

And our three key services – commercial security system installation, commercial security alarm monitoring and commercial security system maintenance – can be completely integrated to give you the best commercial security system Australia has to offer.

How do we do it?

  • 24/7 alarm and footage monitoring so all events are met with the immediate response you need.
  • CCTV cameras with facial identification technology so perpetrators can be recognised, arrested and charged.
  • Alarm systems and cameras installed with "depth" in mind so all incidents can be tracked delivering better data to emergency response teams.
  • Remote monitoring and verification for proactive security, not reactive security.

Commercial Security So Good, It Can Actually Help You Save Money & Make Money.

We defend businesses. We protect your premises; watch over your staff and customers; and guard your assets and stock. They’re the fundamentals of our business. But we’ve discovered other ways to help safeguard your livelihood.

At Calamity your CCTV security plan and alarm monitoring can be designed to specifically help your business grow.

Whether it’s monitoring of store room temperatures; live footage access to people or animals in your care; or the quick-look location of staff on a multi-level complex – our technicians can help you save both time and money.

Now...How About Making Money?

Heat mapping: it’s been helping websites get better conversions for awhile. Now, you too can use it to drive your profits.

This camera-based technology tracks how consumers interact with your store and products. What do they touch? What do they ignore? And what do they ultimately buy?

This data-driven approach to retail can help you optimise your business like never before.

Who’d have thought that your commercial security system could also help you increase traffic flow, identify pricing problems and help inform your buyers!

Ready for a safer, better business?