Pharmacy Security Systems that Reduce the Threat Level

Pharmacies face a greater risk of being targeted by thieves and intruders compared to most types of businesses. Stocking a large inventory of prescription medications and drugs of addiction with a high resale value, pharmacies can be targeted at any time, day or night.

Our monitored pharmacy security systems dramatically reduce the threat level, ensuring the premises is secure and protected even outside of business hours.

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Safeguard Pharmaceuticals while Protecting Staff and Customers

Pharmacy security requirements go well beyond the basics, requiring a far more comprehensive security solution—and no one understands this better than us.

In addition to having a pharmacy alarm system that alerts you to any unauthorised access and pharmacy security cameras that capture a visual record of everything that occurs on the premises, pharmacies also need to consider:

Built to Your Pharmacy Security Requirements

Our pharmacy security systems are designed to meet the specific security needs of your pharmacy, to provide unfaltering protection in every situation.

After identifying all significant risks through a personalised security audit of your pharmacy, we’ll design a fit-for-purpose security solution that addresses every point of vulnerability to not only make your pharmacy a less attractive target, but ensure that immediate action can be taken if the business was ever to be targeted.

Based on the individual requirements of your pharmacy, we can custom-design a security solution to include features such as:

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Pharmacy Security Systems from Australia’s Most Advanced Security Company

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When you choose Calamity to protect your pharmacy, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pharmacy is protected by Australia’s most advanced security company.

Tailored to meet the exact requirements of your pharmacy, our security systems are professionally installed, regularly tested and monitored 24/7 by a team of highly-trained security professionals. Our team is always ready and able to take immediate action in response to any type of security threat from our ASIAL A-Grade certified (AS2201.2) Australian monitoring facility.

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