Logistics and cargo security solutions

Are you continually noticing stock discrepancies or losing track of cargo shipments? Can you be sure cargo will be safe and secure from the time it leaves the factory or manufacturing plant until it reaches the warehouse, distribution centre or retail store?

Our logistics security solutions provide enhanced protection and visibility across the entire supply chain to ensure goods are transported safely and securely no matter where they’re going.

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Minimise product theft and stock loss

Whether you’re a business owner operating your own logistics network, a manufacturer distributing stock to retailers, or a third-party logistics and shipping provider that’s responsible for the safe delivery of items of value, theft and stock loss can become a major issue.

Product theft or tampering by staff happens all too often—and largely because they believe they can get away with it undetected. Organised cargo theft networks are also becoming increasingly prominent, highlighting the need for freight handlers to adopt a proactive approach to cargo protection.

Our logistics security and cargo monitoring solutions make it significantly more difficult for freight theft and tampering to occur in the first place, helping you protect both your reputation and your bottom line.

Ensure goods are protected at every stage of the supply chain

Utilising a combination of security and technology innovations, we can develop a tailored freight security solution that will enhance visibility across the entire supply chain, so you can ensure goods are delivered as specified.

Some of the ways we can do this include:

  • video surveillance and monitoring of all loading and delivery points, as well as in-transit cargo surveillance
  • satellite and GPS tracking on vehicles or shipments
  • anti-tamper and anti-theft devices
  • shipping container locking systems
  • warehouse monitoring and surveillance systems
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Simulation of body temperature check by thermoscan or infrared thermal camera

Temperature monitoring for climate-sensitive goods

Transporting frozen, refrigerated or temperature-regulated goods presents additional challenges compared to standard freight transportation.

Whether it’s food, beverages or biomedical products, our cargo temperature monitoring solutions provide an additional layer of protection for climate-sensitive transportation, ensuring appropriate storage conditions are maintained across the entire supply chain.

Customised end-to-end logistics security solutions

We understand that no two logistics networks are the same—that’s why our freight and cargo security and monitoring solutions are built around your individual needs.

As Australia’s most advanced security firm, you’ll enjoy the added assurance that comes from knowing your cargo is being protected by a professional team of security experts from our state of the art A-Grade monitoring centre in Sydney.

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