Security systems for schools that keep staff, students and property safe

Effective teaching and learning is only possible in a safe environment, but unfortunately, threats such as theft, vandalism, physical violence, natural hazards and even child abduction are ever-present in any school environment. It’s up to you as a school administrator to ensure you’ve taken every possible measure to keep the students under your care safe from harm.

Our security systems for schools make it easier to ensure you’re providing a safe and secure environment, while allowing you to dedicate more focus to fostering a culture of learning and community.

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Preschool teacher and students in classroom

The importance of CCTV in classrooms and schools

Even the most discerning teacher with the keenest eye can’t see everything that occurs in the classroom or within the school grounds. School security cameras are by far the most effective way to fill the gaps of what can be easily missed by educators, to ensure you’re always keeping child safety and wellbeing at the forefront.

There are numerous benefits to installing professional-grade CCTV in schools, and they can make a dramatic difference to your ability to:

  • deter thieves and vandals from causing damage to school property
  • monitor all individuals that enter school grounds and quickly identify anyone that shouldn’t be on the premises
  • accurately recall the events that took place during an incident
  • protect teachers from false accusations or vexatious claims
  • rapidly detect and respond to an emergency
  • prevent and manage anti-social behaviour and incidents of bullying
  • uphold a professional working and educational environment
  • provide parents with valuable peace of mind that their children are in safe care

Ensure you’re providing the best level of care and protection

Our carefully designed video surveillance systems ensure you’ll always have access to high-quality live footage of the entire premises, including classrooms, hallways, the gymnasium, car parks, pick-up and drop-off zones, staff rooms, offices and other common areas within the school grounds.

However, unlike some CCTV surveillance systems which only provide value after the fact when you need to confirm the details of what took place during an incident, our CCTV surveillance systems adopt a more proactive approach.

Backed by round-the-clock monitoring from our Australian-based ASIAL-certified security facility, we’ll ensure there’s always a set of eyes ready and waiting to initiate immediate action in an incident or emergency, also preventing issues from escalating into something far more serious.

illustration of security camera in a classroom

The most comprehensive security systems for schools

a Calamity employee installing a security camera

Our highly-customised school security systems ensure everything is considered.

As Australia’s most advanced security company, we can design a comprehensive security solution to suit the unique needs of your school. In addition to video surveillance cameras, we can also implement a range of other valuable security features including access control systems, intrusion and motion detection alarms, and smoke and fire detection systems, as well as internet/cyber security to ensure students are safe online and that confidential information is stored securely. We can even work with you to develop crisis management plans to ensure every situation is managed professionally and effectively.

Whether you’re operating a government, Catholic or independent school, contact Calamity to find out how we can improve safety and security in your school.