Car Park Security Systems That Provide Round-The-Clock Protection

Can you assure parkers they’ll be safe walking to and from their car? Do they know their vehicle won’t be damaged, stolen or broken into while they’re gone? Could you help them to identify the culprit if anything was to happen to their vehicle?

Provide parkers with the assurance they need with our car park security and access control systems that actively work to prevent break-ins, theft and vandalism, while keeping staff, customers or residents safe.

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CCTV camera operating in car park building

Car Park Security Systems That Keep Crime at Bay

Car parks are a common target for thieves, vandals and even drug dealers that think they can go about their business inconspicuously. Rather than simply installing a few cameras and hoping for the best, our car park security solutions take a proactive approach not only to detect crime, but deter it from occurring in the first place.

Utilising a combination of vandal-proof cctv cameras, reliable access control systems, emergency duress alarms and round-the clock active monitoring, our car park security solutions:

  • provide greater protection against break-ins and theft from vehicles
  • improve personal security and safeguard against assault
  • prevent vandalism and loitering
  • monitor visitor arrivals and departures

Customised Solutions for Any Car Park Environment

We never recommend out-of-the-box solutions—our commercial-grade car park security solutions are custom-designed to suit the individual car park and its unique security requirements.

We are experienced designing custom car park security systems for:

Based on a site assessment, we can design a fit-for-purpose car park security system utilising premium quality commercial-grade equipment to monitor all points of interest, including entry and exit points, ticket machines, lifts, stairwells and fire doors.

security camneras in a parking lot
security personnel looking at security video surveillance

Convenient Car Park
Access Control Systems

Our car park security systems make it easy for those who should be there to gain access, while making it difficult for those that shouldn’t.

The access requirements of a private apartment building that needs to restrict access only to residents differ greatly to that of a commercially-operated car park that needs to remain accessible to the wider public—that’s why our access control systems are designed to suit the specific setting.

From key fobs, to swipe cards, number plate scanners or ticketed payment systems, we can recommend the most suitable access control system that’s not only easy to use, but will keep people and vehicles safe and secure.

Superior Protection With 24/7 Active Monitoring

an employee installing a Calamity security notice

Nothing can provide the same level of protection as 24/7 active monitoring from a team of highly trained security professionals.

When you choose Calamity, your car park cctv cameras and security system will be backed by round-the-clock monitoring from our ASIAL-certified purpose-built security facility located right here in Australia.

Instead of merely recording the movement of people and vehicles, active monitoring provides an additional layer of protection. If an incident was ever to occur on-premises, you can rest assured that our trained operators will be taking immediate action in line with your designated instructions.

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