Keep patrons and players safe with world-class stadium security cameras

Very few venues need to be equipped to deal with such large numbers of attendants in such a short period of time as a stadium does. Then throw in some rowdy fans and the very real prospect of being the target of a terrorist attack, and what you have is a highly-complex security environment.

Our stadium security cameras simplify the task of ensuring patrons and players will be safe and protected before, during and after every event, without ever jeopardising the spectator experience.

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Be prepared for every situation

Ensuring you can adequately capture the detail of everything occurring throughout the stadium in real-time and in high resolution is by far the most effective thing you can do to keep patrons and spectators safe.

Our stadium security cameras are carefully calibrated to provide stadium security personnel with greater visibility of every corner of the stadium, without blind spots. From capturing expansive scenes, to having the ability to zoom in on the smallest details, we’ll ensure your security team is equipped with the tools and resources they need to manage every situation efficiently and effectively.

Stadium security cameras that deliver greater visibility

Our carefully designed stadium security systems will ensure you have complete coverage of all key areas including stands, entry and exit points, thoroughfares, kiosks, merchandise stands, car parks, transport hubs, loading zones and even back of house operations, giving you the ability to:

  • Rapidly detect any real or emerging security or other threats
  • Immediately respond to an incident by quickly dispatching security personnel or requesting emergency assistance from police, fire or ambulance
  • Prevent and detect anti-social behaviour while obtaining usable evidence to convict perpetrators
  • Minimise instances of vandalism both inside and outside the stadium
  • Provide protection against unfounded public liability claims from visitors and spectators
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Reliable coverage
for every type of event

Most sporting stadiums also double as large-scale entertainment venues hosting concerts and other events which attract fans and spectators in the tens or even hundreds of thousands.

Our stadium security cameras can also be combined with additional functionality including crowd management and visitor flow analytics, which make it easier to monitor patron numbers, redirect traffic, and avoid overcrowding in designated areas.

Customised solutions from Australia’s most advanced security company

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Priding ourselves on delivering highly customised solutions, we’re well equipped to meet any security brief.

With expertise ranging from high-level security consulting to hardware, supply, installation and monitoring, we can develop an integrated commercial-grade security system that can be easily managed by your in-house security team, or we can deliver a hybrid or end-to-end outsourced security operation.

See what sets Calamity apart from other players in the industry or contact us to find out more about our unique security capabilities.