Commercial & Business Security Monitoring 24/7

24/7 alarm monitoring, customised commercial solutions and the power to change your business for good.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally Australian businesses can get high-quality security services on par with those of their contemporaries overseas.

Because we have Australia’s highest-rated electronic security alarm monitoring facility, we’re able to deliver commercial security solutions like no other Australian security provider. The CASTLE (The Centre for Advanced Security Technology and Leadership Excellence) is a Five-Diamond certified, Grade A monitoring centre. From here, our professional security monitoring team watches over your business assessing any CCTV activity and alarms.

We’ve always been about delivering the best possible security for homeowners and businesses. However, we also knew the Australian market was flooded with dodgy traders, outsourced monitoring and poorly trained staff. That’s why we run our own training programs; training our alarm monitoring operators from the ground up. Because our staff are trained in-house and operate solely from our CASTLE location, you know you’re getting first-rate security supervision and the fastest possible response times.

This means you, your staff and your customers are safer. It also means you’re not going to be bothered by unnecessary false alarms or costly call out fees.

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Monitoring that moves with your business.

Your business is different from others. You have different staff, assets and risks. So it’s important for your security to provide you with the protection you need. This could mean the monitoring of animals at a shelter using CCTV cameras; the thermal monitoring of storerooms and cold rooms to protect stock; or the monitoring of mobile staff using our Silent Sentinel. If you have a business, you have something valuable. And we have the ability to help you protect it.

No hidden costs. Ever.

A commercial alarm system is setup to send arm and disarm signals. This allows you to show to either your insurer or the police that your alarm system has been correctly armed.

While most security companies will connect this monitoring system through your phone line, we choose to go with IP monitoring. We’ll tell you why:

IP Monitoring. The expert's choice for better business security.

Phone lines are easily cut, rendering them useless in an emergency. That’s why Calamity suggests IP Monitoring system. These allow your business’ nexus of alarm and camera systems to communicate with Calamity’s A graded monitoring centre via a robust combination of your internet connection and several mobile networks.

Because you’ve got IP monitoring your business can keep its routine controls and maintain security even if phone lines are sabotaged or failed. No call charges or line rental needed.

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