Regular testing. Regular maintenance. Exceptional security.

No commercial security system is worth installing if it’s not going to be properly maintained. A malfunctioning alarm or camera is simply not worth the investment. Unfortunately, many Australian security installers are unlicensed and ungraded. Their failure to initiate regular testing and maintenance means your security system can be rendered useless without you knowing before it’s too late.

So your commercial security system doesn’t become obsolete, Calamity runs routine testing ensuring alarms, cameras, equipment and cables are all functioning at 100%.

A Calamity home security maintenance check includes:

Our fully trained and licensed professionals will assess access controls, alarms, CCTV and more. Because your home security system is regularly assessed and tested, both from within your property and from our monitoring location, you can be confident in the efficiency of your investment for the long term.

Upgrade to IP Monitoring for FREE. No phone lines required.

Rather than costly and easily cut phone lines, Calamity suggests IP Monitoring systems. These allow your business’ nexus of alarm and camera systems to communicate with the monitoring centre via your internet connection and mobile network.

Because you’ve got IP monitoring your business can keep its routine monitoring even if phone lines are sabotaged or failed. No call charges needed

Call us to find out how we’ve saved our commercial clients thousands on their phone bills.