Commercial Security System Installation

Security systems designed and installed specifically for your business.

A poorly installed commercial security system is a useless security system. A camera here, an alarm there and you’re done. Right? Unfortunately, too many Australian business owners fork out money to unlicensed installers who take this feeble approach to security. The results are bothersome false alarms, incompetent monitoring and no follow-up maintenance.

Using an unlicensed and untrained security service provider simply loses you money.

Initially, you’ll end up forfeiting the initial purchase and installation costs. While later on, if something does happen, you’ll find yourself struggling to get approval on your insurance claim because your security system didn’t meet the compliance standards of your provider.

So what do unlicensed and ungraded security installers get wrong?

In order to meet the Australian Standard AS2201.1, intruder alarm control equipment should be located within the alarmed area, located outside the entry/exit point and operate in dual end-of-line supervision. Unfortunately the Australian security industry is highly unregulated and filled with poorly trained or unlicensed professionals.

An Australian security system survey found:

The poor and unprofessional installation of security systems can also result in burdensome and costly false alarms caused by everyday disturbances like the wind, furnishings or animals.

Commercial security installation with a difference.

Protecting people is always our primary concern. This means ensuring the security system installed at your business is designed to provide defence from intruders, burglaries or hold ups. How do we do this?

On top of this, we also saw how security can be used by businesses to help secure their other assets. This could include live video feeds of animals for shelters and vets, temperature control for storerooms and cool rooms or the monitoring of electrical outages and smoke and flood detection. All of these can be connected to our 24/7 alarm monitoring centre, the CASTLE, so that every emergency, no matter how big or small, can be met with the appropriate action. Because you can tend to any emergency at the right time, you could save yourself extensive stock damage or the loss of a day’s trading.

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