Security for bakeries that’s second to none

Every bakery knows just how important their people, processes and equipment are to be able to run a profitable business, but can you really be sure your staff are following all quality and safety protocols? How quickly would you know if a fire broke out on-premises? What impact would a critical equipment failure have on the business?

Our security systems remove the guesswork associated with running a bakery, providing you with complete visibility and supporting you to operate the business as safely and efficiently as possible.

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Security that’s built
around your bakery

We understand that security for bakeries is about more than just intruder alarms and security cameras.

Our security systems are designed to protect every aspect of your business, from safeguarding your equipment and preventing production disruptions, to helping you manage staff and operational processes safely and efficiently.

Here are just some of the other ways we can support and protect your bakery:

  • Remote access and control which allow you to check in on your business at any hour of the day, from any location
  • Temperature monitoring and equipment sensors to alert you to any power outages or equipment failure
  • Rapid smoke and fire detection systems
  • Adaptive entry systems that can be easily updated to provide temporary access for after-hours deliveries
  • Employee duress alarms to request immediate assistance in an emergency
  • Active monitoring and incident response management support
  • Customer data analytics

security for bakeries

Few businesses need to get started as early in the morning as bakeries do. While starting the day before even the sun has risen can have its charms, it does pose certain risks for bakers arriving early to fire up the ovens and prepare for the day ahead.

With Calamity on your side, your bakers will have full confidence that they’ll never be left on their own if the unthinkable was to happen.

Not only will motion-detection CCTV cameras capture everything that happens on-premises, but a team of security professionals will monitor your bakery 24/7 and be ready to take immediate action in any potentially dangerous situation.

CCTV camera operating in a estaurant

Reliability you can count on

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Plenty of bakeries simply find the most affordable security cameras for small business, do a quick install to get them up and running, then get back to work in the belief that their business is adequately protected. It’s often not until something detrimental occurs within the business that the limitations of the system become apparent.

When you rely on Calamity to protect your bakery, we don’t leave room for error.

Having custom-designed security systems for restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores, shopping centres and other businesses just like yours, we know what it takes to truly protect your bakery. Our solutions are expertly designed to meet your specific security requirements and are professionally installed, tested, monitored and maintained to ensure they’re working optimally at all times.

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