Supermarket security systems that protect customers, staff and stock

Physical security and stock loss prevention are major concerns for supermarkets. While product theft can quickly erode your bottom line, you could also face public liability claims if you fail to provide a safe and secure environment for customers and workers.

From large supermarket chains to smaller independent retailers, our fit-for-purpose supermarket security systems alleviate the pressure by ensuring someone’s always keeping an eye on your supermarket, even when you can’t.

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Keep staff and customers safe, no matter what time it is

Often opening early, closing late or even operating round-the clock, supermarkets don’t follow the same standard 9-to-5 model as many other types of businesses—and that opens them up to additional risks.

Would workers feel protected if they had to open early in the morning or leave late at night? Can customers safely load groceries into their car during the evening? Would staff be safe if ever approached by an aggressive person?

From the supermarket floor and cash registers, to carparks, loading docks, back office, tea rooms and stock storage zones, our supermarket cctv and alarm systems will capture everything that happens on premises 24/7, ensuring nothing gets missed. Backed by our Australian-based active monitoring service, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing our highly-trained security personnel will be taking immediate action if an incident or emergency was to occur.

Proactive shoplifting prevention systems

Shoplifting can be a major problem for supermarkets. From thieves helping themselves to stock from the shelves to employee’s pocketing cash or ‘sweet hearting’ friends or family, your theft prevention systems are often the only thing protecting your supermarket from major losses.

Utilising a range of anti-theft devices and monitoring technologies, our ironclad shoplifting prevention and detection systems stop thieves in their tracks, potentially saving you tens (or even hundreds) of thousands in lost revenue.

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More than your average supermarket security systems

Our security solutions go far beyond an alarm, cctv and anti-theft system. We adopt a more comprehensive approach to protecting every aspect of your supermarket and can also:

  • conduct IP surveillance to monitor spills, cleaning, hygiene and other potential hazards, protecting against public liability and WHS claims
  • monitor the temperatures of cold storage refrigerators and freezers to prevent stock loss and ensure proper food storage practices are upheld
  • provide store analytics insights to monitor traffic flow and shopper behaviour

As Australia’s most advanced security firm, we’ve developed countless security systems for supermarkets, retail stores and shopping centres alike, and know exactly what it takes to truly protect every aspect your business.

Our solutions are built to meet the unique requirements of your supermarket using commercial-grade equipment that is expertly installed, maintained and monitored from our ASIAL-certified monitoring facility.

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