Protect Your Business with Our Comprehensive Security for Butchers

Would your butcher’s shop be able to recover from a break-in? Can you be sure your employees are always acting above board? What would happen in a power outage if your refrigerators and freezers couldn’t operate?

At Calamity, we’re well aware of the various risks butcher’s shops need to protect themselves against. With our fit-for-purpose security for butchers shops, you’ll have full confidence that your business is prepared for every situation.

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Security systems that see what you can’t

A break-in that leads to damaged equipment or wide-scale produce theft can pose a real threat to your operations, particularly in the lead up to peak periods like Christmas. Similarly, an untrustworthy staff member that manipulates stock or daily records could undermine the profitability of your business.

At Calamity, we make it easy for meat retailers to keep an eye on everything happening in their store with tailored security solutions that go far beyond the basics.

Our commercial-grade, end-to-end security solutions can be customised to include everything from motion-activated intruder alarms, to professionally monitored CCTV systems, adaptive entry systems and intelligent retail loss prevention systems.

No matter what happens at your butcher’s shop, we’ll make sure you know about it.

Security that’s about more than just burglary and theft

Your inventory is one of your most important assets, but what measures do you have in place to protect it?

As a butcher, you need to be able to reassure your customers that your meat products are free from contamination and safe for consumption. Even if you uphold the most stringent food safety practices, something as simple as a power outage could undermine it all.

At Calamity, we can recommend the most suitable temperature monitoring loss prevention device to provide an additional line of meat security protection. We’ll ensure you’re immediately notified of any temperature fluctuations in your refrigerators, cold rooms, freezers, display cabinets or cold transportation vehicles, ensuring optimal meat storage conditions across the entire business.

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Security for butchers,
built around your business

Don’t risk it with a stock-standard security system sold by someone that claims to know about security. When you choose Calamity, your business will be backed by Australia’s most advanced security company.

Already protecting thousands of butchers, shopping centres, supermarkets and retail stores just like yours, our custom solutions are designed to meet the exact needs of your store, going well beyond your typical security cameras for small business.

Whether you’re operating a stand-alone butcher’s shop or large retail chain, we’ll professionally design, install, test and maintain your security system, and actively monitor your business round-the-clock from our ASIAL-certified facility right here in Australia.

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Superior Protection With 24/7 Active Monitoring

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Nothing can provide the same level of protection as 24/7 active monitoring from a team of highly trained security professionals.

When you choose Calamity, your car park cctv cameras and security system will be backed by round-the-clock monitoring from our ASIAL-certified purpose-built security facility located right here in Australia.

Instead of merely recording the movement of people and vehicles, active monitoring provides an additional layer of protection. If an incident was ever to occur on-premises, you can rest assured that our trained operators will be taking immediate action in line with your designated instructions.

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